Entrée Vous is Sold to Super Suppers

Let the confusion and bewilderment begin! It is indeed a done deal and Super Suppers has bought up Entrée Vous (for reasons that may become clear sometime in the future).

I do have to disagree with a few statements made in this article such as Super Suppers being the largest franchisor. Unless something has dramatically changed they are still in a distant second place to Dream Dinners. But considering both stores are suffering some pretty heavy losses that may change at any moment.

Although it was apparently a smooth process to sell the store it makes no mention as to why and what strategic plans Super Suppers has for the future.

I still can’t understand where Super Suppers got the money for this deal and if they did have extra capital to invest why did they choose to spend it this way?

Entrée Vous Franchising LLC has been sold to The Culinary School of Fort Worth LLC, which does business as Super Suppers, the largest franchisor in the home meal replacement industry in the United States.

The terms of the sale, structured and brokered by Corner Capital Partners LLC, were not disclosed. Before the close of this transaction, Super Suppers had 165 locations in 38 states.

Entrée Vous is Sold to Super Suppers

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2 Responses to “Entrée Vous is Sold to Super Suppers”

  • Geoffrey Donovan:

    I believe it was a cheap buyout of the Entree Vous library. If some of the EV stores make it, that’s gravy. Adding these meals to the SS library means that the entire recipe team can be laid off, and Judie can concentrate full time on her show DVD sales and new cookbook pimping on QVC.

  • Sadly, I think you may be on to something. Who knows how much they spent but considering the bloodbath that has hit the MA industry I bet people are looking to give away their stores and products. And for the cost of one or two people’s salary you can buy a whole new menu and get rid of those people. Plus you can get yourself some new material for the TV show everyone is tuning into and therefore don’t have to actually hire writers or chef’s or anyone else really.

    Getting some recipes seems to be about the only reason to make this purchase, which of course just means cutting back on staff at HQ. But if you consider that Judie is running a school, I wonder how many student recipes get adapted and put on the menu? Seems like a pretty cheap labor source there…

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