Almost Comical… Almost…

Although my adventures in seeking out oil went unfulfilled
last night, through dumb luck I managed to strike it rich and find an open gas
station this morning. And one that didn’t have a line 5 people deep. Even
though I only got half a tank, it was still quick a shock to the bank account.


I guess I was one of the lucky ones since I hear from
several people I work with who went out prospecting for oil during lunch, that
they came up empty and once again the gas stations have shut down the pumps due
to lack of fuel. So, within a 20 mile radius there is no gas to be had.


I understand the hurricane has caused a decrease in the
amount of available goods, but wouldn’t this be more of a case of people taking
more than they need just because they don’t want to go without? A guess we have
a run on the banks and the gas stations…


are starting to get a little desperate, might have to invest in some
two-wheeled transportation.

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