Diesel, Diesel Everywhere, not a Drop of Unleaded

This gas crunch is really starting to take its toll. Not only is the price still uncomfortably high, but now I can’t find any. Every gas station within 15 miles of where I live has their pumps covered and closed down. Now they have signs posted asking people to moderate how much gas they buy and it’s pretty common to see police officers standing by to make sure pumping gas doesn’t turn into fist-o-cuffs. I’ve actually started to see articles where fights are breaking out because people feel others are taking more than their fair share.

Diesel on the other hand, while not cheap, seems to be in relatively good supply. Several stations have a pump or two for diesel in case you are lucky enough to be able to use it. But for the rest of us it looks like you either have to wait in a long line in the hopes of getting gas or drive around to parts unknown to look for some little out of the way station which might have a few gallons to spare.

I thought it was bad this morning at 7:30am when I saw people lined up to get gas, I have to say it’s getting worse when at the end of the day the pumps are dry and stations are closed because they have nothing left to offer. Certainly seems like we are heading right back towards the gas crisis of the 70’s.

Even though the diesel supply might be ok for a little while longer, I have to wonder how this hurricane is going to affect food prices in the long run.

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