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In the process of making some adjustments to the forum I did notice there are several people using multiple IDs to ask and answer their own questions. This will need to stop. This site has been built on the idea of anonymity and the freedom to post your thoughts, however this is quite misleading and is not something I wish to promote.

Any users who continue to post as multiple people will be banned from the site permanently.

The idea of fly by postings has been brought up previously and that is currently being addresses. Previously I have been very reluctant to remove a post because I don’t feel it’s my place to moderate someone’s thoughts and ideas. However, I will now take a more active role in removing posts that do not advance the conversation. Putting forth an idea or having an opinion is perfectly fine, disagreeing with or going against the grain is fine as well. Poking fun and sarcasm is also perfectly fine (within reason). However, making statements obviously rooted in gossip that have no clear purpose, will now be removed. We should all be old enough and wise enough to know what is helping a conversation and what is interfering.

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2 Responses to “Changes to the Discussion Forum”

  • DinnerZen:

    Woo-hoo! Multiple personalities aren’t all that evil when its an innocent log in/ mistake or issue but playing games is no fun. If nothing else, calling out folks when it happens seems like a reasonable option even if you don’t want to delete the post.

  • CP:

    I think comment moderation is certainly necessary – especially those comments that are meant just to cause chaos, and aren’t intended to provoke thought or discussion.

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