Rockville mom gets lessons from Emeril Lagasse

Looks like Emeril is making the meal prep rounds.

With a few simple cooking tricks and a lot of laughs, a Rockville family recently got some tips on how to spice up its suppers from famous chef Emeril Lagasse.

On the series, which debuted July 14 on Discovery Communications’ Planet Green channel, Lagasse takes cooking-challenged people to Whole Foods markets to help them learn about and hand-pick the best organic and locally grown foods. After shopping with each person, Lagasse helps them prepare dishes that demonstrate the “convenience and ease of using fresh ingredients in everyday meals,” according to a Discovery Communications press release.

Rockville mom gets lessons from Emeril Lagasse

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13 Responses to “Rockville mom gets lessons from Emeril Lagasse”

  • atc:

    Check This out!
    Wednesday, August 20, 2008 – 11:41 AM EDT
    Publix sets up meal-assembly shop with online componentTampa Bay Business Journal
    Publix Super Markets Inc. launched its first stand-alone Apron’s Make-Ahead Meals, a service providing customers with a social atmosphere while they prepare food for two hours.

    The chain opened the first site in Lithia, a small Hillsborough County community that is home to the residential development FishHawk Ranch.

    The Apron’s customers assemble meals using Publix ingredients and recipes. Customers prepay online for packages costing $59.99, $109.99, $134.99 or $189.99 when they register ( to reserve a time and browse menu selections.

    The Apron’s has meal assembly stations where customers utilize ready-to-cook ingredients. The meals are then packaged and kept refrigerated until the session is complete, a release said.

    The company also is offering a “Make-Ahead Meals To Go” program in which customers select menu items and pick up preassembled meals.

    Publix, privately owned and operated by its 140,000 employees, had 2007 sales of $23 billion. It has 941 stores in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee.

  • atc:

    I want you ALL to notice the price points for the packages-as I have pointed out before, supermarkets can provide this “service” for a LOT less cost to them AND their customers. Time will tell if this will be successful for supermarkets- no royalties to pay, already has adequate foot traffic and space to put the meal assembly center-in other words very little to NO build-out or overhead costs.

  • independent owner:

    This one is a stand-alone store. It’s in the same shopping center as a Publix supermarket, but a completely separate facility. The other Publix location – in Jacksonville – is located in the supermarket. They started with a higher price point, but dropped their prices with the opening of this new location.

    The co-located Jacksonville store calendar shows very little action – has never shown much action since it opened actually. Will be interesting to see how the stand-alone does.

    Meals are advertised to serve 4.

  • Lisa:

    Actually this is a LOT more than we charge. We sell six meals for $67.95 with three servings… Do other people charge this much? Lisa

    Publix Apron’s Make-Ahead Meals To Go
    (adds approximately $3.50 per meal for assembly charge)

    Meals to Go Cost Per Pkg. Per Meal Per Serving*
    12 Meals $229.99 $19.17 $4.80
    8 Meals $159.99 $20.00 $5.00
    6 Meals $129.99 $21.67 $5.42
    3 Meals $69.99 $23.33 $5.84

    * Based on 4 servings per meal

  • independent owner:

    “Meals are advertised to serve 4.”

    Let me correct that. I was looking at their nutritional info… they advertise serving sizes of 4-6, with nutritional info for 4.

    It’ll be very interesting to see their volume during the fall – hopefully this location will do a lot better than the Jacksonville one. If they can do well, it could be excellent PR in general for the industry.

  • independent owner:


    You have no additional charge for the To Go service, right? We charge about $3.50 per meal for assembly as well. Our To Gos average between 16-20% of our sales, if I’m remembering correctly. It varies a little based on the season.

    It is common for our competitors to waive that fee.

  • guest:

    Looks like they are using the website software for their backend.
    Meals made easy, the store conected too what’s cooking software and EMP announced they are closing after five years because they can’t cover operating costs. a couple months they announced they were switcing from in store sessions to preordered to go only using their new software. no hahas here. If they had trouble keeping it going and they were founders it dosen’t say much for the rest of the industry.

  • independent owner:

    Wow. That is interesting. I thought they would develop their own. I haven’t spent that much time on the publix site, but some of it (particularly the ‘split your meals’ option) seems awkward.

  • atc:

    Are you saying Lynda Bryne- Pelichowski is closing her store?

  • Either that or their software is horribly malfunctioning. You aren’t able to view the menu or place an order.

  • Amy:

    Yes, Lynda and Jim’s store is closing. I called the phone number yesterday to confirm. The man who seemed to have all the answers can’t even keep his own store profitable. This really makes me mad because I purchased his software when we opened (2 1/2 + years ago) and recently upgraded to the new version of the software for $3,000. Never once did he hint to the fact that his wife’s store was not doing well. All he talked about is how well their store was doing and maybe we were not trying hard enough with the business. He implied that this new version of the software has increased profits and increased impulse purchases for his wife’s store. He couldn’t believe we were not on this new upgrade and talked about all it’s wonderful features. I trusted him as someone who was speaking from experience and speaking from running a successful store. I feel like he has been lying to me all along while he continued to sell me his products and that makes me mad.
    He was always very difficult to deal with when it came to issues with his software. He was rude and condescending most of the time. While we were deciding on the upgrade he was very pleasant and promised adequate training and support. That was not the case once our check cleared. He blames our customers or us if something went wrong with the software or someone had trouble registering. There was always an underlying tone that we were not smart enough to figure out the software and neither were our customers. He is very unprofessional and if I could I would ditch his software and move on.

  • guest:

    Amy. I’m sorry for your experience with Pinky. This business is challenging enough with all of it’s nuances without having to deal with the lack professionalism & trust from those we have to deal with for products and services.
    Look at the way EATS treated people on this board. It has happened over and over again.
    They are all great marketers and can get the sale, unfortunately the products have yet to stand up to the hype. In my opinion consumers have been WAY too lenient on the business practices of this industry across the board.
    We have all experienced the “experts” blaming the store owners/others for the failure of the business model.
    Now NO ONE seems to know why this business is tanking, 3 months ago they had all the answers, for a price of course.
    Anyone here who thought the “experts” had all the answers, welcome to reality.
    All I can say about his store closing is Hmmmmm…..he has targeted a more lucrative crowd, restaurants now for selling his software.
    How many of you still want to give the Meal Prep Conference a whirl knowing that he and his band of renowned “experts” are sponsoring it?

  • […] August 21st, 2008 at 11:42 am Meals made easy, the store conected too what’s cooking software and EMP announced they are closing after five years because they can’t cover operating costs, a couple months they announced they were switching from in store sessions to pre-ordered to go only using their new software. no hahas here. If they had trouble keeping it going and they were founders it dosen’t say much for the rest of the industry. […]

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