MealMakers Reincarnation?

Has anyone else seen this on the MealMakers site?


New Owner,

New Concepts,

New Menu Items,

New Walk In  Schedule,

Let us be YOUR Personal Chef!!!

Unfortunately you can’t see where they have locations without making an account…

Is MealMakers attempting another run at it? Are there in fact new owners at the helm?


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25 Responses to “MealMakers Reincarnation?”

  • workforfood:

    Perhaps I am blind, but I couldn’t find an address anywhere on their website – maybe they don’t give it to you until after you place an order??? I did log-in, but still got nothing except the menu and calendar.

  • workforfood:

    The welcome e-mail I received says Springfield, Missouri.

  • guest:

    Geez will the stupidity never end????

  • So they only have one location? That doesn’t sound very promising. Did someone buy the rights to the MealMakers name and website and is trying to make a go of it on their own?

  • EATS:

    Some facts – Clarification required

    Meal makers as a franchise is no longer and is not making any attempt to re-brand itself. Rights to the meal makers name are being used by a new single store owner in Springfield, MO. The new owner purchased this operation a few months ago and is updating the concept and has no plans for expansion.

    I have no idea where this picture of there supposed site came from it certainly isn’t from or .net.

    Perhaps you could remove this or update post? It is neither accurate or valuable based on the comments being provided. A simple 60 second call to the store could have avoided this post or made it accurate. Please blog with care


    The text from the original post came DIRECTLY from the MealMakers website itself and is there this very second!

    What do you mean “I have no idea where this picture of there supposed site came from it certainly isn’t from or .net.” That’s exactly where it came from. The site still has the same look and feel as the franchise owned one. Take a look.

    Umm, in case you hadn’t noticed you put up a website so people don’t have to call you to find out information, that’s kinda the point. It’s called e-commerce.

    The post is 100% accurate.
    – The site indicates a new owner.
    – The comment was made on whether it was restarted by an individual or MealMakers opening again. (Considering the rumors on their closing it is indeed relevant).
    – It was then suspected it is an individual owner in Springfield and all but confirmed before you even made your comment.

    Considering Dinner by Design owners may be facing this very same business situation it makes it even more relevant.

    I don’t see how this post is inaccurate in any way. I believe you are the one who needs to check your information.

  • EATS:

    This post thus far is based on conjecture and speculation. Has anyone called the founders of meal Makers? This store location or their service provider? Would it not be of more benefit to do so rather than drawing speculation as to the relevancy to Dinner By Design owners?

    Readers of these posts would be better served by a bit of research and fact finding. Doing so would have led you to me, instead I found you and was accused of not knowing my facts.

    EATS – the Meal Prep Solution provider for Super Suppers, Cena… and before they went bankrupt month’s ago the Meal makers franchise.

    Information? One valuable comment made thus far is that Springfield’s contact info needs to be updated. Thanks. Done.

  • guest:

    Why so snitty? Is this the software EATS?

  • guest:

    Hey Eats-all you are doing is coming off sounding like an idiot. Is this what you wanted? Ok-mission accomplished.

  • guest that called you an idiot:

    Hey Eats here is another valuable comment: taken directly from your website-

    “Wether you come in for a session, or if you place a carry out order, you pay the same price!!! No more added fees!!!”

    Whether is not spelled correctly.

  • guest:

    Ok, just a silly question, but doesn’t someone still own the Meal Makers trademark? Can it be used by any one who wants to name their business Meal Makers?
    How can it be used by someone who says they “MealMakers is an independently owned store and is not affiliated with any franchise.”
    Although it looks like the original Meal Makers franchise website it’s really just someone who contracted with the EATS software company? I’m VERY confused.

  • EATS – I’m not sure why you have your knickers in a twist over this. You seem to have some point you want to prove, but I fail to see what it is. The “new” MealMakers site has the same look and feel as before which made me wonder if they were starting back up again under new management or if an individual was using the name for their single store. The site lacked the information to determine that for sure so I asked if anyone knew the details. I’m sure we have some former MM owners out there who could offer some insight.

    There should be no need for research on this matter, it should have been clearly stated on the site itself. You expect customers to spend time locating a site only to be forced to call to get more information? That is horrible business sense. If I have to work to give a company my money, I’m not doing business with them.

    You have become antagonist and defensive for no reason. What you call conjecture and speculation I would call asking a question about a franchise that was presumably out of business opening back up again. Again, people looking at a site shouldn’t have to go on a fact-finding mission in order to do business with you.

    You made the statement that there is no way I could have gotten my information from the MealMakers site when in fact I copied it directly from there and provided a screenshot to prove it. It seems more like you don’t even know the information on the site you maintain. I hope that as a software vendor you have a better demeanor towards your actual clients than you do toward the general public. You could have used this post to announce the new MealMakers and introduce yourself, but you chose to go a different route.

  • DbD Guest:

    EATS Says:
    “Would it not be of more benefit to do so rather than drawing speculation as to the relevancy to Dinner By Design owners?”

    The relevancy to DbD owners is that sometime in the future we may look at a new website. Based on your posts here, I can scratch EATS off the list. You are not someone I want to do business with.

    Thanks for the info!

  • Wondering???:

    I noticed at the top of this page it says “A community resource for meal assembly store owners” It dosen’t sound like anyone on here is a meal assembly store owner. Two sentences out of all of the comments have been constructive criticism, the rest are all rude and derogatory comments. One would think if you all owned stores you might be trying to offer helpful suggestions, instead it sounds like a bunch of egotistic highschoolers bickering back and forth. At least EATS is trying to defend their customer. What can the rest of you say for yourselves?

  • ChefGeorge:

    Dear Wondering:

    First, you must not have looked very when you say no one sounds like a meal assembly store owner. Few conversations here would be had by customers, and while some do get heated due in large part to what current and past owners are either going through or have gone through, this is indeed a constructive site for the intended audience.

    Second, please explain how EATS is defending their customer. I get nothing constructive them his/her comments whatsoever. As was pointed out, they don’t even make sense.

  • guest:

    EATS came here with fur flying. EATS could have used this for a wonderful marketing opportunity letting us all know that MealMakers was being reincarnated as a single store and there were some great tools available for the rest of us when/if we encounter the same situation. There would have been well wishes all around.

    If the attitude EATS brought in here is considered defending your customer then I am really glad I don’t use EATS. EATS created the bad PR for EATS and for MealMakers.

    That is what I have to say for myself. Need more?

  • Wondering???:

    And I’m sure if EATS did use this situation as a marketing tool that you all would have had WONDERFUL words of praise and encouragement (because I’ve seen SO many on this site) for the new owners of the single mealMakers store that is not affiliated with the franchise. I’m glad it did not happen, I’d hate for new owners to be subjected to such childness! If you all are owners of meal assembly stores, or former owners, no wonder the industry has a bad name and is going down hill fast when people like you are at the helm.I would much rather be productive in my day than to sit and argue AT a computer, therefore I will not respond further.

  • EATS = Wondering:

    Come on…isn’t it obvious?

  • swvendor:

    I’ve posted here before as a software vendor, and the conversations I’ve been involved with have always been productive. I know that most of our customers (meal prep owners) participate in this site, either silently or vocally, and if the IAMPB site is really down for good (it currently does not respond) then this is the ONLY place were people involved in this industry can discuss the issues. Yes, it can get snippy from time to time, but that should be expected considering the stress many are under. If you look past all that you will find a lot of honest people providing information and looking for answers.

    Some of you question why users like me choose to remain anonymous, and this type of exchange is exactly the reason why. Even though I don’t think my posts a few months ago offended anyone (except maybe kitchen coalition – are they still around?), there is always the risk that things will be taken the wrong way and it could hurt what little business is out there. Of course, since EATS and Whats Cooking have posted openly, then I guess that narrows down who I might work for!

  • imamakguest2:

    I was a meal assembly store owner…the store owners are not responsible for the rapid spiral of the meal assembly industry you boob. If you read the above article about Make & Take Gourmet that is clsoing their corporate store, that marketing “genius” blames the economy. I say any port in a storm, and whatever helps you sleep at night.
    My opinion is that this was a ill conceived concept to begin and the market was then flooded with copy-cats franchises to exacerbate the already faulty concept, it just took this long for it to be revealed for what it is a bad business model.
    EATS has wreaked havoc with more that one Super Suppers store website-check out the apologetic notes on owners websites. That you would come here and chastise Tuckerbox or anyone else here is outrageous. To point the finger of failure at store owners for the debacle of this industry is equally outrageous and well beyond the pale of commone sense.
    EATS get a clue!

  • ChefGeorge:

    All I can say is the color of the sky in EATS/Wonderings world is not blue. Whoever this person or people is/are should not even be taken seriously at this point.

  • atc:

    Does anyone know what this means?
    Eat Healthy tonight
    Eat Healthy Tonight
    Lite Menu is healthy and delicious
    Make dinner in less than 30 minutes
    mealMAKERSWestlake.comCleveland-Akron (Canton), OH

    When you click on this link it goes to a kitchen in Missouri., but it’s forwarded from what looks like this store in my area that appears to actually be closed?
    Isn’t MealMakers out of business, so why is all of this infra-structure still available for someone to use, and makes it look like this store in Cleveland is open? Isn’t that a little like a bait and switch-they also have this video that seems to be a little mis-leading. Is this another run at a MM franchise by some other schmoe?
    It smells a little funny

  • Actually this is the same question which made me ask about Meal Makers in the first place.

    From what I can tell an individual has been given permission to use the Meal Makers name for their independent operation. The site is still under construction from what I can gather (due to numerous errors on the page). I think we are just seeing the page before the owner is really ready to show it off.

  • atc:

    So are you saying the IT genius’ at EATS can’t figure out how to park a website offline until it’s ready for “debute”?
    That would be par for the course of the superb support Lisa mentioned-just to make the connection EATS is the one who is doing the developement & support for the new super dupper Super Suppers website.

  • atc:

    Here’s my opinion, the owners of the MM name gave this indy “a deal” for the website et al. OR EATS got permission to just recycle the old one, if I was a ex-MM franchisee-that was forced to close due to MM corporate bankruptcy I would be pissed.
    If i was the x-owner of the Cleveland store I would be pissed too!
    But like I said par for the course for the folks who inhabit this industry as vendors and corporate muckity mucks

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