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Cena expands meal-assembly business to include bistro

Looks like this is one way to get rid of the meal assembly sessions.

JOHNSON CITY — Cena, which offers ready-to-cook meals at its site at 201 Oakdale Road, said it has expanded its business to include a bistro.

Cena Fresh Bistro offers lunch and dinner for dine in or take out. Owner Fran Cianciosi said it’s an upscale, affordable eatery featuring organic salads, gourmet sandwiches and soups, and other items.

An interesting thing to note is this comment:

Make and Take Gourmet, a meal-assembly business that opened in Vestal last August, closed in May, less than a year after opening. The reasons for the closing were undetermined; Make and Take representatives were unavailable for comment at the time.

Cena expands meal-assembly business to include bistro

Dinner by Design, closing the doors in 4 days

In mere days, September 1st to be exact, Dinner by Design will exist in name only and even that is somewhat debatable at this stage. To celebrate the year anniversary of buying out the franchise business from Julie Duffy, Dinner by Design will close shop, have the owners sign an agreement to mutually let each other off the hook and go their separate ways.

The promised growth never became a reality and the expansion through the Midwest, as touted in the multitude of press releases never came to fruition. Such grand plans and innovative measures just didn’t put Dinner by Design on the map. And now the head office is going to walk away. It’s hard to image how much they paid and how much they’ve lost on this business deal over the course of the year. I guess we’ll a few more million to the running total of debt that meal assembly has caused.

Next Monday is D-Day, but with the clock ticking down there seems to be surprisingly little information coming out of HQ about how the owners will proceed on their own. They don’t seem to have all the paperwork, calls aren’t being answered and if things don’t get moving forward who’s going to get left holding the bag?

Has the corporate office already checked out? Did they just throw up their hands and turn off the lights? I’m sure it’s a terribly frustrating time since they spend all that money to buy into the franchise and have yet to see a return on their investment. Again, welcome to the table of reality, since it’s the same story owners have been facing for nearly two years now.

But it looks like Julie is living the charmed life, just like Marcia, since she managed to get rid of the ticking time bomb of meal assembly before it went off.

Dream Dinners recipe contest – $500 gift certicate

It’s interesting to note that this contest isn’t actually listed on the Dream Dinners website; at least not that I can find.

Dream Dinners based in Snohomish is offering $500 gift certificates for guests whose favorite recipes are selected for a March 2009 menu. It’s the second year the company, which has customers assemble the ingredients for meals they cook at home, has held the contest. The event will be held from Sept. 1 to Oct. 15. Recipes will be selected in the categories of steak, chicken, pork and seafood, and one winner will be selected in each category.

HeraldNet: Business FYI

Food prices to remain high despite worldwide record wheat crop

TORONTO – Groups such as the Canadian Wheat Board and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are predicting a record wheat crop worldwide this year, but warning prices will remain high

The higher quality wheats, used to make bread and pasta, are also in short supply and likely to remain high.

Over the past decade, the price of bread has increased by 87 per cent,
going from an average of $1.30 in’98 to $2.43 per loaf, according to a
recent study done by the Ontario Association of Food Banks.

Winnipeg Free Press

On the Menu: For fast dinner, look beyond the drive-through

Some of the actual stores are local, but there are quite a few ideas which I’m sure can be used for newsletters and other back to school enticements.

The beginning of the school year doesn’t just mean extra work for students. It also means extra work for many parents as they try to squeeze in dinner amid a busy job, school, homework, violin lessons and soccer practices.

Your first thought might be the drive-through window, but there are a wide range of options beyond the drive-through. Portable foods might still include burgers, sandwiches and burritos, but expanding your pick-up locations can lead to healthier dinners and more variety of cuisines.

On the Menu: For fast dinner, look beyond the drive-through

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