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Higher prices heading beyond gas, food


NEW YORK — Coming to a store near you: Even higher prices.

Most inflation this year has come from food and fuel, as retailers resisted passing along to strapped consumers the higher prices manufacturers charged them. But coming increases from companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Hasbro may leave them with no choice.

Higher prices heading beyond gas, food

Product Review: Dream Dinners

Meal assembly from a customer’s perspective.

Ever have those nights when you just don’t know what to cook? When you’re tired of the same ol’ same old and would rather not put that on your table again? How about the long days when you’re in no mood to chop, blend, simmer and stir for an hour before you have something edible?

Product Review: Dream Dinners

Business prepares meals for busy people

Good luck!

Tom and Carol Stewart say they love food and want to help people save time and eat healthier.

So the Stewarts, who moved from San Diego to New Bern to relax and stay close to the water, opened what they say is the first meal-assembly kitchen in the New Bern area. Dinner Time Magic is in the Grantham Crossing shopping center in James City.

Break: Business prepares meals for busy people

What’s with all the vulgarity?

There is no doubt that I am a proponent and believer in free speech and certainly not prudish enough to be offended by the clever and tactical use of the f-bomb, but a few of the comments left over the past few days simply set the line of decency and good taste on fire and then soiled the ashes. It’s just not right.

I’ve had no choice but to remove a couple of the comments posted in the last couple of days; they simply went too far and degraded into baseless personal attacks.

Making comments about someone’s business savvy or lack thereof is perfectly fine and won’t receive any scorn from me, but making chit chat about an individuals boudoir habits is just going a bit too far. Reckless spending of the company assets is one thing, but let’s not get out of control with it.

Let’s keep some sense of decorum.

This Years Business Model: Restaurants Without Food

I’m not entirely sure where they’re going with this business idea. If this turns into “franchise opportunity” I don’t know what I’ll do…

Here’s another pay-what-you-wish eating story, but in this case, you have to bring your own food. That’s right. On King Island in Tasmania, Australia, there’s an old boathouse that’s been converted into a rustic harborside restaurant where patrons cook their own meals. They leave behind money for the use of the building in an “honesty duck” — i.e., a box decorated with a toy duck.

This Years Business Model: Restaurants Without Food

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