Review: Social Suppers


Recently, I had the opportunity to do a complimentary session at Social Suppers, a company with locations in Missouri and Kansas that offers meal assembly options for the busy family. I’ve always wanted to try out one of these stores and so I jumped on the opportunity to do a review in exchange for two weeks’ worth of meals in my freezer.

Review: Social Suppers

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4 Responses to “Review: Social Suppers”

  • workforfood:

    Supper Solutions out of Colorado recently acquired Social Suppers – a KC based franchisor.

  • Clued in Shopper:

    As a customer, if I ever walked into a meal assembly place that was “helpful and inclusive” of children, I’d turn right around and walk out te door, never to return. I don’t want kiddie hands touching the food areas. I don’t want to have to watch my step so I don’t trip over them. I don’t want to be banged into by them, I don’t want to hear their whines of “Let me! I can do it!” followed by the inevitable crying when they don’t get to do it, and the inevitable crash and mess that occurs when they did get to try it and managed to drop or spill and make a mess of something. I don’t want to have to stand and wait 20 minutes longer to make a meal at a station, because some customer has decided to use that station as a “teachable moment.” I don”t want to have to go through it again at the next station and the one after that either.

    I go to meal assembly studios for a bit of efficient “me” time and I ensure that my child isn’t tagging along. Some things in life are suited for adults sans children. Not everything has to be a Mommy and Me outing.

  • ChefGeorge:

    Hmmm. I hate to tell you “clued in” but in our experience, adults can be as problematic as kids when it comes to needing help such that others are not affected at times. I could share many horror stories about supposedly “adult” customers creating messes that looked like a 2 year had just been left unattended at a station. My favorite is the customer who flattened chicken without putting anything over the chicken before pounding away! Chicken juice was flying 360 degrees for a couple minutes before I realized what she was doing!

    Clearly there is a lower age limit for involvement and the parents need to be responsible and the owner needs to supervise. However, we had good luck with having kids involved…. and from a business perspective, it was actually an advantage over some of our competitors.

    Most MAKs are all about the family so to not be inclusive of the family to me goes against the spirit of the concept…but there are MAKs that are adult focused. Also, you can look for MAKs that have couples nights… or if you just ask the owner what times are the least crowded you should be able to avoid contact with children.

    Not everything needs to be a Mommy and Me time, but I must confess my opinion is that making meals together is about as appropriate as it gets.

  • dinnerzen:

    Ditto ChefGeorge. We don’t have a lot of folks who bring in their children, but when they do, while they might be a little slower than other groups, they tend to be super conscientious (sp) about touching things and cleaning up. I’ve seen more adults lick fingers than kids making messes or creating annoyances.

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