MyMenu offers fresh take on frozen meals

A new arrival in the Dane County food market has another answer to that perennial question: What ‘s for dinner?

Opening five stores in the last two months, MyMenu offers frozen meals, from family-size to single servings, as well as appetizers, desserts, soups and pizza.

Advertising “hundreds of meal ideas ” in one aisle, the stores offer, for example, hand-trimmed steaks ready for the grill in 20 minutes, and one-person meals of lasagna or beef shepherd ‘s pie for the microwave.

The stores are selling convenience plus a focus on quality in their
effort to secure a niche in the fast-changing and competitive business
category called home meal replacement, an industry analyst said.

MyMenu offers fresh take on frozen meals

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6 Responses to “MyMenu offers fresh take on frozen meals”

  • CP:

    I like this idea. It’s skipping the whole meal assembly store step, and just gives the end product. If one of these stores popped up nearby, I’d probably try it out. The big question would be the quality of the food and how well the recipes accommodate my picky taste buds. 4 chicken quesadillas for $8?? That’s pretty reasonable if the portions aren’t ridiculously small.

  • independent owner:

    I just got around to reading the article on this.

    I didn’t realize that this was a venture of M&M Meats. They’re out of Canada – we tried them once while in Canada on vacation. The meals we purchased were so-so and the store not very inviting. I’d compare it to Omaha Steaks, though the Omaha Steaks store we’ve got in our area has a much nicer/cleaner appearance than the M&M shop we visited in Canada (which was likely pretty old and, I’m sure nothing like the new shops they are opening in the states).

    In France there is a chain of frozen food shops called Picard. They’ve been around since the 70s.

    I’m sure there are many others that are similar as well.

  • guest:

    Here’s something funny/interesting- One of the Cena To Go locations is now selling hot lunches at their “Cena Fresh Bistro” I wonder if they bought their Cena franchise with the hopes of opening a Bistro?
    Does anyone know if this is the next morph that is going to happen to MA’s? On their website it says that they will no longer do Private Parties or Sessions-I LOVED doing private parties, that’s the one time I made money(a relative term beleive me)!
    I wished I could have had 2-3 private parties a week!
    I wonder how that will work out for them?

  • This is a fantastic idea that I think is really going to take off. Many people lead such busy lives that making dinner gets pushed aside. This solves that problem by being easy, inexpensive, and quick.

  • Amy:

    Maybe I am missing something but how is this concept any different from a MAK offering grab-n-go options. DBD had a whole store dedicated to grab-n-go and that didn’t pan out so well for them. many other MAK tried this and failed. I don’t see why this concept would do any better. It has the same obstacles to overcome that our MAks do.

  • goose:

    Its not any different. We’ve been doing this at my store for a couple of months now. To no avail. it just depends on the local market’s desire for it.

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