The Dinner A’Fare Acquires My Girlfriend’s Kitchen

The Dinner A’Fare Acquires My Girlfriend’s Kitchen in Strategic Meal Assembly Move

The Dinner A’Fare Franchising, LLC. and MGFK, Inc. today announced that the companies have signed a definitive agreement under which The Dinner A’Fare will acquire privately held My Girlfriends Kitchen, a leader in the prepared meal industry. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Atlanta, GA. (PRWEB) July 8, 2008 — The Dinner A’Fare ( Franchising, LLC. and MGFK, Inc. today announced that the companies have signed a definitive agreement under which The Dinner A’Fare will acquire privately held My Girlfriends Kitchen, a leader in the meal assembly kitchen arena. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

My Girlfriend’s Kitchen, based in Salt Lake City, is a strategic acquisition for The Dinner A’Fare. The acquisition will extend The Dinner A’Fare’s franchise system and increase the regional and national presence.

The Dinner A’Fare ( will build upon My Girlfriend’s Kitchen’s customer and vendor relationships by solidifying and maintaining its core meal assembly strategy while adding growth opportunities to both systems. My Girlfriend’s Kitchen’s product mix and service offerings have been hugely successful over the past several years. “My Girlfriend’s Kitchen owners have achieved great levels of success in the meal assembly industry. We are delighted to have them as a part of our team”, stated Ken Wright, president, The Dinner A’Fare, LLC.

“The addition of My Girlfriend’s Kitchen locations to The Dinner A’Fare line-up is a strategic move to add positive growth to The Dinner A’Fare system,” said Wright.” “MGFK franchisees that embrace The Dinner A’Fare system will benefit from our strong management team as well as our core product offering. The meal assembly industry is still evolving, but the initial fad has passed and now we have a real business to develop. The early days of wild growth in meal assembly are over. We see this as a positive change, and strong players will propel the industry and its individual franchise owners toward greater profitability. That is the key to this acquisition.”

“This is an exciting milestone for our company. We look forward to accelerated growth with the acquisition of this brand,” said Dylan Rist, director of marketing for The Dinner A’Fare ( “My Girlfriend’s Kitchen franchisees and locations are complementary to our current market presence, making this an ideal acquisition for The Dinner A’Fare ( Our combined systems will create exciting growth opportunities for The Dinner A’Fare, our customers, and our employees. We look forward to working with the team at “My Girlfriend’s Kitchen” to ensure a rapid and seamless transition.”

About The Dinner A’Fare

The Dinner A’Fare ( is known regionally for its upscale atmosphere, high quality dinners, and industry innovation. Inspired by busy families, The Dinner A’Fare’s mission is to improve people’s lives by making high quality healthful home-cooked meals affordable and easy to prepare. As an Atlanta, GA based Franchisor, The Dinner A’Fare has focused growth primarily in the Southeast with several strategic locations open outside of their regional area.

The Dinner A’Fare and the stylized logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

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11 Responses to “The Dinner A’Fare Acquires My Girlfriend’s Kitchen”

  • A leader in the industry”……that is a joke.
    Jen Jackenthal, Robin Whitney and Marcia Hales sold many many hard working people a “proven system”, that was not profitable.
    I was sold my franchise within 30 mins of 2 other MGFK stores, none of us ever made a profit. Jen Jackenthal was just selling to be greedy and keep a already broken franchise going. Talk about Bernie Madoff……
    MGFK lost 40,000 of my money at a time I needed it the most to make my business to make it or break it. We are in debt for over 300,000 and will be paying this off for the rest of our life. They should not have continued to sell so many stores, when so FEW were even making a profit.
    Marcia just dumped the company to Dinner Afare to save her ass, not us. People lost everything becasue of her and her GF’s.
    Marcia may be in debt. But, Whitney Advertsing sure made a lot of money off of all of us.
    Besides just a lawsuit for money lost, can you same criminal intent???
    They lied to us and stole our money,.
    I do not know how any of the 3 sleep at night.
    I would love to go after both Jen and Robin for money, but I think the rest of the MGFK franchisees are all just in survival mode after losing so much.

  • guest:

    Sue, they are all the Bernie Madoff’s of the franchise universe-and not only because they “made-off” with all our money…franchising IMHO is only a legal ponzie scheme…

  • guest:

    Sue, I forgot to say I’m sorry for your loss…there are many of you that are all digging out and most of you are just waiting out the BK stigma so you can get your financial houses back in good stead…
    Let me clue you in, none of “them” are worried about little old “you” and what happened when you “chose” to “take the risk” of buying a franchise with “a proven model”. And I can assure you that they do NOT think they did anything wrong, because under current franchise laws, most of them didn’t or at least not anything you can prove definitively…I would venture to say that most of them sleep very well thank you!IMHO of course lol

  • guest:

    So did anyone hold a gun to your head and force you to sign the franchise agreement? Let me guess, you let yourself get sold by a slick presentation and all that and in the end made a business decision based on emotion not on solid due diligence and basic business sense.

    The MA franchisors bear a great deal of the responsibility, but you do too.

  • guest:

    You sound like a true schmuck..thanks for the insight jackass.

  • guest:

    You’re welcome shit for brains. I noticed you didn’t challenge anything I write. Based on you’re inability to do so, you resorted to name calling.

    Enjoy trying to buy anything with the BK on your credit.

  • guest:

    I didn’t challenge anything you wrote, because you didn’t “write” anything worth challenging. All you wrote was the same old tired old blah, blah, blah, blah,nah,nah,nah nah nah nah crap. And if you want to chastise someone for name calling, I don’t think it a wise move to resort to it yourself. AND if the name fits wear it, which I believe you do and quite well IMHO from your reply.
    My guess is that you work for one of the Franchises or are a Franchisor, since they are the only ones who still spout the crap you did…
    Your lack of compassion or empathy for people like Susan and blaming them for their misfortune, PLUS your attack on me is a dead give.
    I felt a little badly after I wrote it last night, but from your reply, not so much…
    Have a GREAT day!

  • guest:

    Re-read what I wrote. I didn’t blame her entirely for her problems. BUT she does hold some responsibility for her problems. SHE willingly signed the franchise agreement.

    The franchisors rushed this shitty concept to market before they knew it was viable. Shame on them X100.

    The franchisors failed to adapt to the market place. Shame on them X50.

    The franchisees dropped good money on a brand new concept led by people with no experience in franchising. Shame on them X 10.

    The franchisees allowed themselves to be sold because the Stephanie Allens of the world seemed like good people who talked about God and all that religious crap. Shame on them X 10.

    Even after the whole thing started to crumble they still sunk good money instead of pulling the plug.

    I am sure this one will draw your wrath but whatever. Many bought and are still buying these loser stores after it is clear this concept doesn’t work. No sympathy at all.

  • guest:

    My problem with your post from the start was the presumption that some of the people who bought a franchise DIDN’T do any die diligence.
    Those who did do their due diligence and got then got the ok from an Attorney still got taken and people like you have the gall to blame them for their stupidity.
    I’m with you anyone who buys one of these dogs NOW deserves what they get if and when they fail. For those who bought early and took the risk and did everything “right”, I think it’s a little crappy of people like you to point the finger at them and say “serves you right, you were a taken, oh well, sux to be you and by the way you were STUPID.”
    You have only the word of the people who are selling the franchise, the franchisors you talk to when doing your due diligence and any research you can do with people like EMPA. They all tell you “stories” to put it politely, to sell you a dream that only they are making money on.
    It has only been since the inception of this website, Sean Kelly and very few others in the last 2 years to start sounding the alarm about his industry, got news for ya, most of the franchisees had already taken the plunge and gotten their asses caught in the ringer…I will be FOREVER grateful for Tuckerbox, Sean Kelly, Attorneys in this country and Canada for starting to get the word out and for EVERY brave soul who posted here for their stories to warn others.
    Will people still buy one of these franchises, yes, but hopefully they will look on sites like this and others to get the true story,if the then decide to buy, well buyer beware.
    But for those who bought early there was only limited info out there and glowing reports and propaganda from franchise “professionals” who proclaimed this the next best thing…
    It’s a shame that more people selling these concepts don’t work withing the boundaries of decency and principle, but it is what it is.
    I will continue to defend those who bought one of these concepts early and lost everything they had and then some.
    They deserve our support not our condemnation for trying to make their lives better and live their dreams.
    What continues to freeze my behind is people like you who turn around and point the finger at people who tried, and don’t hold the more Franchisors responsible for selling a concept they had no business selling to people on the open market in the first place.
    The crack about BK and credit was a really low blow and on behalf of those franchisees that are in that situation, shame on you!
    One last point, for most people who bought early and lost their savings and lively-hood and found themselves in the untenable Bk situation, have lost their families, marriages, homes and friends, attitudes and scoldings from people like you are counter productive and not well appreciated.
    For people who have bought since the bottom fell out in 2007, well, you SHOULD have done better homework and believed what people shared here (this is for you CRAIG…)
    To say she bears some of the responsibility is an accurate statement, but only to a certain extent if all things were equal. To me it’s like saying somewho who got salmonella from eating pistachio’s is responsible for coming down with the illness. Yeah, OK , if the consumer had all the information and truth and minutiae from everyone involved in the process…how does that work if you are depending on the people who grew it, produced it, packaged it and sold it to you.
    NOW, after almost 7 plus years of “experience” and empirical evidence available to people online, there is no excuse to buy one of these franchises, they have been proven to be unproductive and unprofitable…
    Early indications from owners/franchisees, franchisors and brokers all indicated to early potential franchisees that it was a good investment/business. Again you are going to point the finger at the early investors and wag your finger at them and say “you were stupid and should have known better!” How can that possibly be a valid statement unless you are claiming genius and clairvoyance?
    You’re right I DO have a problem with the attitudes of people who hold that opinion.

  • Any one have any infomation on the fate of The Dinner Afare?

  • guest:

    I beleive a few stores are still operating.

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