A conversation with Terese Hunerson

As a companion piece to the article: Scarsdale entrepreneur a victim of failing trend we have this interview/conversation with the owner of Let’s Dish who is closing her doors. Many believe Hudson-Valley area is the prime demographic for a meal assembly store to thrive, but sadly even seemingly perfect conditions can’t keep the wheels from coming off the meal assembly wagon…

Reporter Julie Moran Alterio, who interviewed Terese Hunerson of Scarsdale about her Let’s Dish franchise when it opened in 2006, sat down with the busy mom of three during one of the store’s last sessions this past week:

Journal News: Going back to August 2006, I remember you were very excited.

Terese Hunerson: You could feel the momentum from what we called the early adopters, the innovators, who were open to this concept and spreading the word. It was a very exciting time. I’m very proud of the fact that we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry, meaning the percentage of our customers who keep coming back was over 50 percent.

A conversation with Terese Hunerson

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