Food & Beverage – Smaller Portions or Higher Prices?

I guess these are the times we’re facing – smaller portions at the same price or is it better to raise prices. The trend has already started and considering the cost of goods will continue to rise as the cost of oil continues to rise this could be just the start of things to come. Bread, rice and other grains may soon be worth more than gold…

We bought a loaf of fresh baked whole grain bread at a local bakery today. Something about the loaf was different. This loaf was about the same dimension as the loaves purchased previously from the same bakery. The price was the same. The difference became apparent when holding the loaf in my hand. The weight was different – much lighter. I’m guessing they shrunk the loaf between 15 and 20% by weight.

Food & Beverage – Smaller Portions or Higher Prices?

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