Meal assembly industry preps for changes

This sounds like a pretty typical story, owner opens a store and competitors open up almost overnight. And yet, the king of understatement fires off with “the industry is in a pause” and “entrepreneurs race ahead of the market”. I’m willing to bet that Bert had no problem continuing to sell his recipes books, promote his MA software and all through 2007 he all but said growth was limitless. So tell us Bert, how many people did you turn away saying they really shouldn’t get into this business because the market was starting to reach saturation? Any guilt over cashing those checks from your customers?

No, didn’t think so.

It’s pathetically ironic that the same guy who is now saying the industry “is in a pause” is, in my opinion, one of the major contributors for causing the bottom to fall out of this market. Stephanie blames the owners she hand picked for not being able to manage the business operations. I doubt Bert actually hand picked anyone to buy his guide to opening an MA store, like I said, I doubt he turned anyone away. Since Bert obviously won’t accept any responsibility for his actions just like Stephanie, he decides to blame owners too. So basically it was the Wild West, everyone was opening stores and he was just supplying the goods.

After Marjorie Pilley opened My Delicious Dinners in Melbourne, other meal preparation services seemed to mushroom overnight.

“We knew it was going to be a popular concept,” Pilley said.

Three years later, however, the industry is in flux. Several stores have closed while others have had to adapt services to better meet consumer needs. Last year, Pilley opened a sister store in Rockledge, but she acknowledges times can be tough for an industry that once seemed ripe with opportunity.

“The industry is in a pause,” said Bert Vermeulen, who founded the Easy Meal Preparation Association. “There was phenomenal growth from the beginning of 2002 until about mid-2007. Sometimes entrepreneurs race ahead of the market, so this was a bit of a gold rush.”

Meal assembly industry preps for changes

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