Meal-assembly kitchen keeps up with times

Not to be a downer, but I think we’ve heard most all of this before – and that was  when times were good…

When meal-assembly kitchens came on the scene in 2002, they were seen as the solution to that never ending dilemma: what to fix for dinner.

Customers would pre-order several meals, then attend a two-hour session where they assembled dinners while chatting with friends, maybe sipping a glass of wine. They left with a cooler full of meals ready to cook at home.

Great idea, except in the past two years, growth in the meal prep industry has slowed sharply, according to a recent New York Times article. It seems many people are not motivated to plan so many meals ahead of time. A lot of working women or frazzled stay-at-home moms have a grab-and-go mentality, resorting to fast food or takeout.

Mr. Stevens is confident his business will succeed because of the quality of the food. “The Bay Area is pretty snobby about food. We don’t buy from chains. We get our meat from a butcher in San Francisco and our fruits and vegetables from the produce market in San Francisco. Our herbs come from farms in Half Moon Bay. Everything is fresh but the shrimp.”

Meal-assembly kitchen keeps up with times

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