Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

I was forwarded a copy of the EMPA newsletters the other day and I was struck by how much of its contents is a direct recap of the topics discussed on this site. From the article on Dinner by Design and Morton’s working together to the ideas of single servings, working with the elderly, delivering food to business complexes, changing food containers and even the idea of using FedEx to deliver meals overnight. From my observation a great deal of the newsletters content came from our “What IS working” article and its comments.

I’m not complaining mind you, the ideas expressed here are meant to be shared and used by all. At least they didn’t charge anybody to read those ideas… Well, not this time anyway…

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5 Responses to “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

  • independent owner:

    I thought the same thing when I read it.

  • Amy:

    I also thought the same thing.

  • indie owner:

    I was curious why the newsletter didn’t mention the Coalition. Isn’t Bert &/or the software he peddles one of the major sponsors?

  • indie:

    What happened to the website for the coalition? Only see the wc software site. Die an early death? Funny about the content comment that sright on. Anyone check out the paper on the store that is actually making money? Guess thats the sort of gret stuff they charge for .

  • dinnerzen:

    I thought the magazine referenced was interesting. Not much new mind you for folks who are in the MAK business. I did find the info on the two grocery store based MAKs of interest. I find it a little hard to believe that a grocery store is going to stick with a concept for a year, not making a profit, and still say that they see their prospect in the future. It would seem that they have the ability and finances to utilize that space for 100 other things. One of our Giant Grocers has gone through two significant remodels in less than a year. Once to add in an entire convenience section and a second time to whittle that down and make room for the pharmacy at the front and more freezer space. I hadn’t given much thought to MAKs in a grocery store, but have to concur that much of what is naturally appealing to customers with stand alone MAKs is abolished when you go into a grocery store. And perception. Hey gals, wanna get together at the local Food Lion for a party? Wegman’s or Whole Foods maybe.

    Hearing the DbD new CEO summarize what needs to happen with meals was interesting. Maybe not earth shattering. It was a direct reflection of the discussion I had with my chef two months ago. It was like he was standing in my kitchen listening to our conversation- thawed meals need to be ready in 20 minutes or less or be virtually hands free as they bake away in the oven or slow cook away in the crockpot. I also want to focus on testing our current meals for their ability to cook from frozen. Time and a half in theory, but that doesn’t seem to bear out perfectly each time.

    Then again, I’m guessing I got all those nifty little notions from reading posts on this board or elsewhere…

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