Dream Dinners – The Bell Tolls For Thee

One thing I find interesting – in a sad and misguided sort of way is how Dream Dinners is completely ignoring its customers. Here we have a several customers bringing up their concerns and grievances about the product they’ve been sold and the responses they receive take on the tone of being condescending with hints of sweeping the problem under the rug in hopes it will go away.

“Alice” is basically the third person from the corporate office that is aware of the complaints and has responded by saying there is nothing wrong with the company, the model or the way they do business and that all this talk is not helping anyone. Further she doesn’t want her named mentioned again.

Can you feel the love?

How would Dream Dinners feel if this is the way their franchise owners treated customers who disagreed with or had issues with the product they bought? What if the owner simply ignored the customer who said they didn’t enjoy a meal? What if their response was “Well, I guess you made it wrong, better luck next time” or “the ingredients are fine you just don’t know what you’re doing”? What if the response was “Well, if you spend more money on the meal you would like it better”? Can you imagine the shock and horror of the customer to be treated that way? How long would that store stay open?

And that’s not how a store owner treats a customer (not a good one anyway). They apologize, offer to replace the meal, refund the cost, give a discount and let the customer know they will try harder in the future. They thank them for coming in and hope they’ll come back and give them a second chance. The owner hasn’t even done anything wrong and they are bending over backwards to make things right.

Seems a darn shame that Dream Dinners isn’t listening to their customers or trying resolve the issues that exist. You would think a change in CEO would bring about company change, but then again their CEO still has his day job.

You would also think the actual company owners would be a little more concerned about their own company and would do what they could to make sure those involved were happy and wanted to keep making money for them. I mean you are in business to make money right?

Do you really think angry owners makes for happy customers?

For you the blind who once could see, the bell tolls for thee…

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99 Responses to “Dream Dinners – The Bell Tolls For Thee”

  • Frieda Foodie:

    Not to diminish the spotlight from the Grandmothers of the industry but what about SS, MGFK, ST?

    Is everybody on this blog a DD owner? Maybe we have just come out of the closet and the rest are still on the river of DE- Nile!

    Keep up the news – it is better than paying a therapist for couch time.

    BTW I agree we are the customers. So much for being the Nordstrom of the meal prep industry. The expectation only goes one way from the zees.


  • I only bring up Dream Dinners because they already have a lawsuit slapped against them (and perhaps a couple more on the way) so you think they might get the message and change their course.

    As I’ve said before I think the other franchises are just a hair’s breadth away from the same fate. I can only think that Super Suppers has managed to stave off legal trouble is the fact they are trying everything under the sun to bring in customers. They have the “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” mentality, which may be a detriment on it’s own, but it gives the appearance of trying. The cooking show Judie Byrd has put together is indeed criminal, but that’s another matter entirely.

    It sounds like Supper Thyme has some hostile owners to contend with and Dinner By Design may find themselves in the same position as Dream Dinners in a year from now since they are trying to sell stores up and down the nation (the same strategy as Dream Dinners from a few years ago).

    If anything, those stores need to do everything they can to not become the next Dream Dinners.

  • mysterymiss:

    Frieda Foodie,
    Trust me Supper Thyme Zors are not the favorite of many of the present zees or ex-zees. I can only think of a handful, ok one, that actually has herself’s head so far up the Zors nether area that the light of day is not able to be seen by herself. Thus everyone lives in the river of De Nile in Keridom
    Why aren’t more ST ex-zees talking? Well to be honest most of them went on with their lives long ago, some don’t know this place exist’s and others see it as being counterproductive to their recovery since there is nothing to be gained from airing dirty laundry here(monetarily). There just weren’t that many of us to begin with. And finally some I think are just part of the kerikoolaide cult and can’t seem to break free.
    Someone said on the board that all the Zors are cut from the same clothe, that they all seem to be suffering from the Emperor(ess) has No Clothes complex. We can all see they’re naked, but they will not admit to it. They choose to believe positive thoughts to make themselves seem clothed. OOOOOOKAYYYYY……
    I hear story after horrible story from ST zees about the problems.
    Now ST is selling some kind of merchandise on kaboodle.com. As if they’re branded merchandise is collectible or something :/
    Reminds me of face cream & toothepaste……only with Jane on it!
    The example of throwing stuff to the wall to see what sticks certainly seems to be the “strategy of innovation” that everyone is trying.
    Here’s what I keep coming back to……
    If the basics of model that were sold to you as a workable concept are not do-able and you are told to hang on while we “morph and evolve the model” ….. ummm… explain to me why you paid for a “proven model” again???? If it was working perfectly, why are we morphing and evolving it to something called Take & Bake or “just another take out place?”
    The latest “new” thing I heard is that one ST is actually offering to have entrees cooked and ready for you to pick up hot. That’s called a restaurant as far as I can tell. DO we have to chew it for them too????
    How far is too far and when do you cease being a MAK and become said restaurant?
    The ST network are still told that anyone who closes is to blame, that the model works just perfectly thank you very much, that had you worked the model (which model is that again?) correctly you would have been successful. The problem is now the only way to remain viable in ST is to sell pre-assembled diet food packages, and we KNOW how long that lasts, as long as the trips to the gym.
    So I guess the future of the MAK biz is to cook it for your customers and morph and evolve all while asking your customers what they want so you can provide all of that too. I can’t wait for the massages or having your nails done while you wait for your meals to be cooked!
    That’s how ridiculous this whole situtation has become.

  • I am a former ST Owner (as my name states) and I have been coming to this site for the past 2 months. I am tryng to move on and this site has been very helpful in the healing process. You at first feel like such a failure and so deflated. Owning our own business has long been a dream of my husband and I. When we opened our store we were so excited and full of hope. This has been an extremely tough learning experience.

    I appreciate everyone’s comments/sharing as they have certainly helped me.

  • mysterymiss:

    Hi Former ST owner,
    please join me at

    I talked about just that same thing today, you’re welcome to come read and hopefully laugh with me and my feelings about a LOT of different things, not just biz.
    As the name says, I am also a political wonk and I love to put in my two cents worth about that too! It’s a work in progress so please bear with me it it has been a great outlet & a cheap form of therapyfor me as has this site. I can;t afford a shrink, this and that will have to do!!
    For Joy & Inspiration you are going to want check out http://www.joyfilledyou.com, it has been a life saver for me and with no Janes!!!
    My thoughts & prayers are with you, please let me know if I can help in ANY way.

  • Former MGFK owner:

    There are a number of frustrated, tired and angry former and current MGFK owners. I believe that 9-10 of about 55 stores closed between August ’07 and Dec ’07 and at least one has closed since Jan ’08.

    They aren’t really trying to save the franchise, they are trying to sell it. The first “deal” fell through and they are supposedly on their second deal with a lesser named franchisor. My thoughts are with the owners who are still trying to stick it out as there are very few employees left at corporate to help them and those left are focused on the potential sale.

    There may be a few store that are breaking even or slightly profitable, but those that closed were FAR from it.

  • So there was some truth to the rumor of a MGFK buyout? I guess they are trying to go the route of Dinner by Design and get bought up? I have heard a lot of talk about there being no staff at the top of the company – apparently all but a few have left. Sounds like they’re on a rocky slope these days.

    I wonder if Meal Makers is fairing any better, I haven’t read a single article about them in months.

  • pissed!!!!ex fort union employee:

    heard that mgfk merged with dinner a fare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all mgfk will be forced to change to dinner a fare in june!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by then all at mgfk will be gone and unreachable the sale will be done-all mgfk franchises should get out now!!!!

  • Can’t find any news on this, but I would love to hear more about this. Any additional details you can offer? Are they really planning to update stores in June?

  • stillagirlfriend:

    The completion of the buyout has not been confirmed as of yet. They are definitely working this buyout. Will update as information is revealed. Yes, they have closed their corporate store at Fort Union which puts current owners in an uncomfortable position since Marcia Hales has consistently told owners to take out a 2nd/3rd mortgage or borrow from family/friends or for stores with 2 owners, have one of them find a full-time job outside of their strore. In otherwords, do whatever you have to at any expense to keep your store open.

  • I am a current MGFK owner, and this has been a roller coaster ride! I expected the up and a down of owning a business, but what I couldn’t possibly have predicted was the melt down of leadership of the corporation. When I bought my store, the President at the time had me snow balled. It wasn’t long before I realized what was happening. She totally was on a “ME” trip. She, and her sidekick, were arrogant, ignorant to the issue facing MGFK, and self-centered. All of which played a part in the downfall of MGFK.

    In 2007, they made decisions which made major changes to MGFK. These changes were never discussed with anyone prior to announcing them to the owners at a corporate meeting in May, 2007. Macia Hales wasn’t even involved in those decisions. Corporate couldn’t even share any market research which would have explained the changes. They only relied on a small survey completed a very short time before they announced these changes.

    Now, in all fairness, the third share holder is not innocent in this. She has gouged the owners in their mandatory marketing.

    Some bloggers have mentioned the number of employees in the corporate office. My opinion is that the important employees are in place and give the corporate office a good building block upon which it could grow. The waste has been removed.

    Yes, the Ft. Union store has closed. But, it should have been closed a long time ago, since it was sucking money out of the corporate bank accounts. This savings could have given corporate the money it needed to survive and possibly fix the whole organization.

    In my opinion, the following is list of major issues I see as factors leading to the end of MGFK:

    1. Poor leadership.
    2. Lack of management of personnel in key corporate positions.
    3. Lack of realistic goals…published, distributed, and acted on.
    4. Internal bickering of the three share holders.
    5. Lack of long term marketing strategy at the corporate level.
    6. Lack of mandatory marketing plans by new owners.
    7. Lack of required on-going marketing plans by owners.
    8. Irresponsible spending of corporate funds.
    9. Over hiring.
    10. Allowing unrealistic expectations of new owners.
    11. Inability to identify regional/cultural target markets.
    12. Lack of strategic planning for growth.
    13. Poor website management.

    I still believe MGFK can be saved. And I wish someone would step up to the plate and do it. But, if the sale goes through, I fear the new owners will not recognize MGFK’s uniqueness and force stores to change to meet their brand. This may, unfortunately, force several more stores to close. One, because some owners will finally feel emotionally finished once the brand they believed in is gone for good. Secondly, because I don’t know of a store that has the finances to make any major changes.

    It’s a shame to see the end of MGFK. The creators did a wonderful job in creating a brand that was fun, exciting, and worth remembering. Unfortunately, the creators didn’t know when to bring in outside talent to keep the brand growing.

  • Rockin Girlfriend:

    The merger will be good, no changes for 6m to a yearor they are totally shooting themselves in the foot. A’fare went to MGFK because of the great branding and uniqueness. Afare going to take the best of both concepts and make it work. They are not going to spend all that $$$ to purchase and then run MGFK owners out of business. The only way this works for A’fare to make MGFK stores stronger by supporting them.
    I know if this does go through I will welcome it.
    JJ screwed over MH, RW, and all of the franchisees.
    FT union store was run by 3 teenagers of course it closed.

  • Guest:

    Rockin Girlfriend…. was that English?

  • indie owner:

    I wouldn’t exactly give them a pass on the flagship store closing just because teenagers were running it–they hired the teenagers.

  • These are interesting points and could play a very big role for owners:

    “One, because some owners will finally feel emotionally finished once the brand they believed in is gone for good.”
    “Secondly, because I don’t know of a store that has the finances to make any major changes.”

    That could be quite the knock to have your store change right before your eyes and there is nothing you can do about it. The idea of corporate buyouts brings a whole host of trepidation when you just work for a company, but when you actually own it that is a whole different story. Considering the first order of business after a buyout are layoffs that alone makes this sort of change a scary prospect.

    Financially this could be quite devastating as well. Even if you do have 6 months to get the money together to convert the store over, will you have the finances? Quite frankly, do you have the extra $5k or $10k it will take to make those changes?

  • Why aren’t the MGFK owners talking and supporting each other through this mess? There are so many liabilities the company owes the owners for. Why are the owners afraid of taking on MH and JJ and RW? There is no more time or room for respect in a situation like this!

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    Rocking Girlfriend,
    Talk about drinking the Kool Aid! Girl, you are downing it by the pitchers full! There is not a single store in the MGFK system that can afford to make the kind of changes that are going to be asked of them. Even if they get 6 months to a year to do it. Oh, except for yours, because you’re Rockin. Jen, Marcia and Robin screwed themselves and all the franchisess. Each is as guilty as the other. It’s going to take a lot more than support to make remaining stores strong. As far as the Ft. Union store, Marcia closed it becuase is didn’t support itself. It never has. Or did you miss that in training? Good luck to you and your Rockin store, you’re going to need it.

    Do NOT underestimate the MGFK owners and ex owners, as Marica and the rest have. Do NOT think because only a few have posted on this website that the rest are hiding in fear of Marcia, Jen and Robin. They are NOT. The owners and ex owners are many, organized, connected and pissed. Oh, and well advised. You are right, there is no time, room and REASON for respect. Stay tuned!

  • guestfromDDhell:

    Are you part of the Kitchen Coalition?

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    I do not know what or who the Kitchen Coalition is. Please explain.

  • You can read more about it along with many comments here:
    On the topic of a coalition

    “The owners and ex owners are many, organized, connected and pissed. Oh, and well advised. You are right, there is no time, room and REASON for respect. Stay tuned!” This indeed has an ominous tone to it. The last time several organized, connected and pissed owners got together, legal documents were filed… This could be good!

  • TaintedGF:


    I am also a GF, could you enlighten us fellow GF’s as to where all of these discussions are taking place. I am in the same boat as MGFKChat, I was amazed at the silence of my fellow zees in the midst of all that is happening. I was love to be a part of any discussions that are taking place. I believe that with the right support and leadership, my store can be successful. Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced either. Fill the rest of us in please! Thanks!

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    If you truely are a girlfriend, start calling other stores and talking to your fellow owners. Don’t candy-coat anything. Ask for help and support. You have never been in this alone, even if it seemed that is what the Zors wanted. Every other owner has been there, you just need to ask. Keep asking every owner you have ever met or not met and you will be heard. In other words, you have to find us, we will not find you. Good luck and we’re listening.

  • JiltedGirlfriend:

    Don’t believe for one second tha Marcia Hales had nothing to do with the problems we have at MGFK. She was a majority owner on a 3 person board and had to approve every change that was put in place along with JJ and RW. I know for a fact that Marcia insisted on some chanegs that others in the company and Zees screamed loudly against. Store sbeing forced to use RW and getting raked on costs hurt every Zee out there. There’s plenty of blame to go around for all 3 even though Marcia is trying to claim innocence in everything. Now Marcia’s looking to get a buyout from A’fare and run away as fast as she can and pray that lawsuits don’t follow her. Does anyone actually know how much each store is being bought out for? How much is A’fare going to care about MGFK stores if they get them in a fire sale??! Zees are the ones suffering – Zors made their own beds. Oh, and you can bet that Marcia is reading this blog so think about that. $100 says Rockin Girlfriend IS Marcia.

  • question

    recently talking with someone “in the know” in the franchise world. If the sale of MGFK goes through are the franchisees required to accept the change? This person thought it was worth exporing since A’fare is not the concept MGFK franchisee bought or believed in. can MGFK franchisee elect not to switch. has anyone got an opinion legally?

  • independent owner:


    You may want to post that question on bluemaumau.org or franchisepundit.com — those are boards dedicated to franchising and they are frequented by attorneys (and lots of franchisees) with experience who provide excellent information.

  • Not quite a gathering, but the discussion for the MGFK crowd has at least been started:
    MGFK gave false info too!

    My understanding is that there won’t be much you can do. You will need to read the UFOC to get the full details on what you can and can’t do, but I dare say you will need to spend the money to retrofit the store or you will probably be slapped with breach of contract.

    As stated, before you do anything – or not do anything as the case may be – you really need to talk to an attorney.

  • dinnerzen:

    $5-10k to retrofit? My exterior sign cost $5500. That seems that’s a bit on the low side. That would REALLY suck if you are forced to transition over to an entirely new brand. Not to say that perhaps the DAF brand is a bad one. Don’t know too much about them. Don’t want to sound like a naive optimist, but for MGFK stores that aren’t doing so well under the current brand and management and have the werewithall to keep going, maybe DAF will have something better or different to offer?

    In addition to calling my girlfriend’s i’d be hunting down some current DAF owners as well to see if they are any less disgruntled than other zees.

    What a sad mess.

  • I agree, just changing the sign around is going to cost you several thousand dollars. I would also have to think there will be attorney’s fees involved as far as your corporate paperwork, no?

    DinnerZen brings up an interesting point, do we have an Dinner A’Fare owners who would like to offer their thoughts on the merger? I don’t know if this will strengthen the brand or increase visibility. As an owner you would have to wonder how this is going to increase sales and how you individually are going to benefit from the two companies coming together. Your recipe base increases, but what else?

  • onthego:

    Being taken over by another no name franchise-$10,000

  • almost 3 weeks since the last update. no news. no updates. is there really a merger?

  • JiltedGirlfriend:

    Supposedly the deal is going through tomorow. Zees are still being kept pretty much int he dark about what it means to us but I know a lot of store owners are getting a lot of advice from a lot of lawyers right now. It’s possible the buyout breeches the contract Zees and Zors signed when we all signed up. Since the crap in my cat’s litter box has more business sense and integrity than Marcia Hales I’m not optimistic,

  • dinnerzen:

    Okay, this was really funny: “Since the crap in my cat’s litter box has more business sense and integrity…”

    I’m going to have to figure out how to weave that into a conversation at some point tomorrow. First time I’ve laughed out loud all day.

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    Should we send Marcia a cat and littler box? Maybe it will help!

  • onthego:

    Here is some interesting tidbits for all of you MGFK’s
    DAF sales for 2007 was 12 million dollars for 30 stores.
    If I punched the right keys on that number thingy that comes out to
    each store making $400,000 with equals about $33,000 per month. Actually that’s not so good, I know some of you would be happy with that, but with food prices going up and your suppliers will start charging you a delivery surcharges, that number is not as lucrative as it may seem on the surface.
    I found that on a little story online at MSNBC about couples owning businesses together.
    They recently sold their pottery painting business.
    It was quite informative actually, I enjoyed the article.

  • FoolMeOnce:

    So did the deal go through?

  • And the sale….? Has anyone heard anything? Silence and empty inboxes – still!

  • JiltedGirlfriend:

    The sale didn’ go through today but Marcia promises it will happen “in the next couple of days”. After reading that email I’d like to apologize for my earlier comment, which was completely unfair… to my cat’s crap. I’d like to say that I’m sorry to all cat feces everywhere for equating you to Marcia Hales. We’ve heard “in the next couple of days” no less than a dozen over the last several months.I don’t know about the other stores but I feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football. “I promise I’ll hold it this time Chuck.” New twist on an old joke: How do you know if Marcia is lying? Her lips are moving.

  • guestfromDDhell:

    aw, it is the same thing as Dream Dinners telling us for two years that Weight Watchers is going to partner with us.

    StepOnMe, along with ALL of her cronies need a reality check-

    WEIGHT WATCHERS doesnt NEED Dream Dinners-

    Say it over and over….

    we ALL got dupded!

  • Rockin Girlfriend:

    I’m not MH. btw the sale has gone through and I received an email from MGFK and DAF this morning. As for the comments about drinking the Koolaid. I chose to buy this business. I went into it knowing most new business’ fail in two years… and most take at least 3-5 to break even. I’m not even 2 years in so how can I complain. I can’t but I can say I’m on track, and I work everyday to continue on track. I know coming in that this would be hard work, and I’m willing to do what it takes. Part of doing what it takes is a good attitude 24/7. So yes I will continue to drink the Koolaid. It has to be better than the bitter swill your drinking!

  • I have to agree with Rockin Girlfriend’s opinion.

    Most businesses do fail. It’s a fact. There are a variety of reasons, but I think the owners attitude is a big part of it. I’m not happy about a lot of things that took place, but what good does it do to sit on-line all day and bitch.

    The negative, hateful, spiteful, bitter personna ya’ll are projecting on this blog may have been reflected onto your employees and customers. Maybe that’s why they don’t come back?

    The economy may be an issue at this time, also. All industries have peaks and lulls. This is no different.

    Marcia Hales isn’t your enemy. If truth had to be told, she tried saving MGFK by kicking Jackenthal and Winter to the streets. But, my observation is that the situation had gotten hopeless and she decided to find someone else to try and take over…which it appears she did.

    Now, really, any one of you on here bitching about your situation would quickly and gladly sell your store if someone came along and made you an offer. Does that make you a sell-out? You’d be no different that M.H. selling corporate. I have to wonder how many of you (and how many times) have either already, or will in the near future, screw an employee, or your landlord, or your food provider, or even the SBA when the time comes for you to fold.

    I swear, the cat box reference is more appropriate than you can imagine. It’s like sitting here listening to a bunch of pussies have a cat fight.

    Feel free to respond to this message. Feel free to be offended…I meant to offend you. Apparently that’s the only kind of talk ya’ll can hear. I have no intention of returning to this site. It’s as pointless as your conversation. I’ll look for a site that has intelligent conversation with useful information.

    By the way, the manner in which you choose to handle adversity shows your true character.

  • guestfromDDhell:

    WTF? People think that coming to this site and EXPRESS true SHIT is NEGATIVE?

    What shit are you smoking? I prefer NOT to smoke and REALITY is this is NOT a business model that can MAKE MONEY!!!!!

    I come to this site, because HELLO…I AM NOT ALONE! I was sold a dream- and ONLY a DREAM! This concept is a great IDEA- not a business- ONLY A DREAM. Get it?

    I didn’t expect the business to fail, and I sure as hell have tried to SAVE it month after month- pouring thousands of dollars to CONTINUE to market something that is CLEARLY a DREAM-

    At times, I have taken this personally, who the Hell wouldn’t when you have believed it could have worked- and WHY shouldn’t it have?

    As far as the ZORS are concerned- FUCK them all- I think they are all related to Satan himself…

    Now, you can all be offended by this great post-

    Oh, one thing, I AM not a Failure- DREAM DINNERS, INC is.

    Boy, I love this site…

  • Rockin Girlfriend:

    guestfromDDhell did you speak to your EE’s and Guests like that?

  • JiltedGirlfriend:

    “By the way, the manner in which you choose to handle adversity shows your true character.”
    — Current MGFK Owner

    You handled the adversity of this website by calling us all “pussies” and claiming you’re never coming back to this site, much like a child will take his ball and go home. According to your own words, that shows YOUR true character. I always find it funny when people claim something is pointless, and then themselves contribute to it. Complaining about a negative post by posting more negative is the icing on the irony cake. You didn’t offend me, you actually gave me a good laugh. Saying that MH tried to save us gave me the biggest laugh. She thought she could make money off of us – plain and simple. (And I post this to you even though you said you won’t return to this site, because I know for a fact that you actually will.)

    I don’t belieev there’s a single store in the MGFK system that has improved sales from year to year and I know a lot have had slaes decrease 50% from year to year, so for any store to say they’re “on track” has to either be lying or have terrible business sense. Myabe DAF will help, but the simple fact is they bought a failing company in a failing industry. Why? I believe that’s the question we should all be asking and getting an answer to, and quickly.

  • mysterymiss:

    Customer in my store were the priority….again to blame the individual store owners in this devastation is ridiculous. It seems illogical for someone to look at the amount of closures in this industry and say it’s due to the owners and not the failed concept. We store owners are not the ones who made claims-we are the ones who bought the claims and paid damn good money for it too, some of us continue to pay for it, It seems to be like the ever ready bunny, it just keeps going and going and going.
    How can 600 plus stores (from indies to every single one of the franchises) all close and it be some spatial mind think as the reason it happened???? PUH-LEASE. WE all made the same mistakes?
    The one thing that runs true and is constant through all of this is that we all were sold the same or “creativly borrowed ” model-DUH!!!!
    The Zors “developed, and sold or creatively borrowed” this great model that everyone now uses and is failing at except for limited pockets of stores…….
    I agree it’s laughable that current MGFK sits on your high horse and makes pronouncements about your repsective HO trying to help ya’ll.
    The sad fact is that they are STILL the only ones getting paid, and making money off this and will continue to make money until each MAK stores closes. I belive even after that HO’s may choose to “rent” out their corporate website to anyone who still has the money to pay for it. They helped themselves to your hard earned money and now DAF will do the same.

    I will tell you that I did not even consider trying to sell my store because I knew it was a dog of a business at that point and understood that no one was going to make it work, so I chose not to sell to another schlub. I did the right thing, I did not follow the example of my Zor, I did not try to sell a store, I would not have tried to sell my store because I refused to visit on anyone else what was visited on me.
    I think anyone who tries to sell a under-achieving store needs to seriously take a look in the mirror and decide if they can knowingly take advantage of someone and then make sure you will be able to live with yourself and sleep at night..I refuse to screw anyone like I was screwed.
    We all took a chance and and that includes the banks who loaned us the money, sucks to be them too when we are forced into bankrupcty. The SBA guarantees 80% of those loans, so, the banks only lose 20% of their investment,….. we ALL end up paying for it one way or another……sad but true
    It seems nobody wins except the Zors who get to ride off into the sunset with our money and their UFOC grasped tightly in their little hands…..and the folks who buy my stuff at auction.
    Nothing new under the sun…….
    I’m with jilted, I’d want some answers and I’d want them quickly.

  • guestfromDDhell:

    Rockin’Girlfriend- Truth Hurts doesnt it?

    Prove me wrong- Show me what YOu claim as being on track. Show me the numbers.

    Show me the money.

    There is NONE.

    mystermiss is right- unless you are the ZOR, they are the only ones making money.

    I got sick of drinking the koolaid- puked it up WAY TOO MANY times, Thank you very much!

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    I bet you don’t even share your numbers on the admin board for the rest of MGFK owners to see! Jilted is right, no store in the MGFK system has even come close to the numbers some were doing last year. Are you trying to tell me $3000 – $4000 a week is making it? Sorry, I know better. And what about the stores doing sales of $500 – $1000? Are they making it? Or do they just have crapy owners? As for the Koolaid, have at it! It seems you’re sitting at the table with Marcia and she will pour it for you until you financially and emotionally die!

    And Current MGFK Owner, Marcia IS my enemy and I would like to keep her as one. She is in NO way trying to save the stores, just her skinny ass. Too bad, it’s too late. Karma’s a bitch!

  • ChefGeorge:

    All I can say to Current MGFG owner and Rockin is y’all don’t get it. But it is highly likely you eventually will….if you are part of the small % that can turn any kind of profit then hats off. If you actually get to the point where you are making a real living, then you will have truly figured it out and we all would love to hear the specifics. I would pay to hear you speak about it!

    It is so much easier to drink the Kool Aid than the bitter swill. The good news is once you drink the bitter swill you begin to realize that life does go on. Each day you drink a bit less.

    This site is full of truth and reality…with yes quite a bit of bitterness and bad language as a result. Sure does feel good to use that bad language sometimes! As MysteryMiss says, we were sold what was supposed to be a proven model. Most businesses fail? Well there is a lot more to that story than such a simple statement. Yes many do, but one of the advantages (only in theory sometimes as we found out) is that you have a much better chance of success when buying a franchise. To simply say the folks here are just whiners and should have understood the need to work hard is grossly unfair and naive. The percent of MAKs going out of business is staggering and not a normal statistic….especially given that it is a franchise.

    So, continue to drink the Kool Aid and stay in your comfort zone for now. The bitter stuff and a place to vent will be here when it is time.

  • OneMoreFromTheBitchesKitchen:

    How can anyone be positive when when most of us MGFK owners are in serious debit with no hope. TDA is not the answer. I’m with the skinny bitch comment. She’s only out there to save herself.

  • mysterymiss:

    lmao :)
    y’all are getting so CREATIVE with your monikers!

  • JiltedGirlfriend:

    Excerpt from “Skinny Bitch’s” letter to all of us MGFK stores: “I carry each of your stores on my back so being able to negotiate and complete this transaction is a fabulous win for all of you. This is not a financial gain for me. That was not the goal. But rather, a solid place for each of you to look for growth and guidance.”

    NOw that we got our daily laugh out of the way, I for one would feel a lot better if we as owners have actually been told what’s going to happen. Dont get me wrong, I’m glad to see the Wicked Witch of Salt Lake gone, but all we have now is what amounts to “Please make your royaltly checks payable to DAF from now on. See ya.” Fluff and generalities. There had better be some specifics soon. Obviously DAF bought MGFK because they believe they can make money from the deal – at what cost to the MGFK stores and will we see any ROI is my question!!

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