Dream Dinners – The Bell Tolls For Thee

One thing I find interesting – in a sad and misguided sort of way is how Dream Dinners is completely ignoring its customers. Here we have a several customers bringing up their concerns and grievances about the product they’ve been sold and the responses they receive take on the tone of being condescending with hints of sweeping the problem under the rug in hopes it will go away.

“Alice” is basically the third person from the corporate office that is aware of the complaints and has responded by saying there is nothing wrong with the company, the model or the way they do business and that all this talk is not helping anyone. Further she doesn’t want her named mentioned again.

Can you feel the love?

How would Dream Dinners feel if this is the way their franchise owners treated customers who disagreed with or had issues with the product they bought? What if the owner simply ignored the customer who said they didn’t enjoy a meal? What if their response was “Well, I guess you made it wrong, better luck next time” or “the ingredients are fine you just don’t know what you’re doing”? What if the response was “Well, if you spend more money on the meal you would like it better”? Can you imagine the shock and horror of the customer to be treated that way? How long would that store stay open?

And that’s not how a store owner treats a customer (not a good one anyway). They apologize, offer to replace the meal, refund the cost, give a discount and let the customer know they will try harder in the future. They thank them for coming in and hope they’ll come back and give them a second chance. The owner hasn’t even done anything wrong and they are bending over backwards to make things right.

Seems a darn shame that Dream Dinners isn’t listening to their customers or trying resolve the issues that exist. You would think a change in CEO would bring about company change, but then again their CEO still has his day job.

You would also think the actual company owners would be a little more concerned about their own company and would do what they could to make sure those involved were happy and wanted to keep making money for them. I mean you are in business to make money right?

Do you really think angry owners makes for happy customers?

For you the blind who once could see, the bell tolls for thee…

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99 Responses to “Dream Dinners – The Bell Tolls For Thee”

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    The Wicked Witch also negotiated our FABULOUS deals with Sysco, the equipment supplier, the sign maker and more. She also negotiated just how Robin would screw us. Boy, one look at history and any idiot, yes, even Rockin et al, can guess once again we get screwed and she wins. It may not be financial gain for the skinny one however, you can bet there is no financial LOSS either. She’ll use the money to pay those she owes and not have to give up her house, retirement fund, blah blah blah. Her goal is to get the HELL out and not look back!

    The owners should have been given copies of DAF’s UFOC long ago. This morning’s email should have stated at least SOME of the details as to what exactly is going to be expected from them. Why all the secrets?

  • OneMoreFromTheBitchesKitchen:

    So, we have been asked to sign a legal doc that would release DAF from any future lawsuits that MGFK owners may bring. Why would any MGFK owner sign such a doc? If DAF has such deep pockets why would we not want to hold them just as responsible. DAF, your the new owners for better or worst hahaha. Royalties to DAF now, what about our marketing percentage that every store has been paying with no information on how MGFK corp really used the funds? Does DAF owners currently pay a marketing percentage every week???

  • JiltedGirlfriend:

    We know MH is lying about it not being a financial gain for her, unless of course she is GIVING MGFK away. Even if it just eliminates debt for her, that’s still a financial gain. Does she think we’re all idiots? According to my lawyer her selling MGFK benefits her position in some ways once she’s hit with lawsuits. Now we’re being asked to release DAF from any lawsuits againast them. I can see why, but it seems that release may give us as owners some leverage and that all stores may have to sign the release for the deal to go through. I say we don’t sign until we get some answers as to how DAF plans on solving the many problems that ahve plagued our stores. We haven’t had any say until this point, but maybe now we finally can.

  • The DAF UFOC isn’t the governing document. Our Franchise Agreement with MGFK dictates the relationship. DAF merely services MGFK locations under the provisions of that document.

    The legal doc you are referring to states that we won’t hold DAF accountable for things prior to the purchase of MGFK. That doesn’t mean that if they screw up tomorrow they are off the hook. I will never sign a doc like that. MGFK is still accountable and you can be assured that if Marcia is getting payment that we can go after that cash and her assets.

  • mysterymiss:

    Seriously, unless you’re a great lawyer or have a crack one waiting inthe wings-I wouldn’t put my trust in DAF protecting your interests in anything. Or the fact that your MGFK UFOC will be your reigning documet. DAF will rebrand you and then you will be required to sign on to that, if not you will lose your franchise. You as a franchisee are ALWAYS in the most vulnerable position, if you learn one lesson from this let that be the important one. You signed away ALL of your rights when you signed your UFOC with whatever outfit you are with. For you to move forward with ANY kind of meaningful lawsuit against ANY ZOR you have to have cash, which you won’t have, (AND the ZORS already know this), in the hopes that you will get some legal remedy in the end, WHICH YOU WON’T. They hold all the cards and all the cash, which they know which is why they pay the big bucks to attorneys to write their UFOC’s that protect them and not you.
    A ZOR knows they have you all by the cahones, if you don’t sign said new document how far do you think you are going to get before they start to put the screws to you in some fashion or other for compliance? This is business ladies and ZORS do not play fair, because you willingly signed a document that gives them every advantage and you none.

  • mysterymiss:

    Having worked with my sysco rep I can say with certainty-there is no “fabulous” deal that is worked out with them except the one where the Zors get a rebate check for everything YOU buy from Sysco. The same is true for any name brand “deal” that is made with manufacturers (say like Kraft). As with all things the Zors reap all the benefits and it never seems to trickle down the the bottom, which would be the Zees…….We all were told that they “negotiated” this great deal with Sysco, only for me to discover that I could go to my local mega-mart or buyers club and get the supplies I needed for cheaper that what they “negotiated” in my behalf with Sysco. The “deal” they negotiate is bogus. ANY “deal” they negotiate is bogus……The ony benefit to buying a franchise is for the Zor not you the store owner.

  • mysterymiss:

    ST has just lost 2 more stores and a third one that is up for sale…..the devastation continues….

  • girlfriend-in-the-bush:

    I don’t have to sign this document do I? It sounds as if they want me to, but I don’t have to. I think I agree we shouldn’t until we get more information.

  • arthur:

    Maybe the “Sale” will give the MGFK ownerss someone to go after who has money to get ! My experience is that the buyer does not get protected from the liabilities of a business when they buy the majority of the business.

  • mysterymiss:

    I am not a lawyer & do not play one on TV but I would be sure to talk to a FRANCHISE lawyer with a good reputation of looking out for franchisees interest not a general practioner, BEFORE I did anything or made any assumptions or signed or didn’t sign any papers…It has been my personal experience that I signed away any “rights” I had when I signed my UFOC and my franchise lawyer told me those exact words. SO franchise buyer beware!
    The other personal observation I have is that no one is going to buy a business that has liabilities tied to it whether real or implied. It would be like buying a home with a lien on it, not the brightest or best practice as a consumer…I would think….again, not a lawyer, just my observation.

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    You sound just like one of the FAC members. Could it be that you are and Marcia herself has told you MGFK’s UFOC will govern? If that’s were you are getting your info, please let us know so we give it the credit it deserves…NONE!

    Is it true that all owners must sign the release document if order for the sale to go through? If so, then HELL no don’t sign it now. Use it to get the information we all need. Let’s not make the same mistake twice and sign some document becuase someone says we have to! We want more info first! Marcia has tried to make this look so good for the owners because she knows without those signatures it’s over.

    I’m no lawyer, however, it makes sense that DAF would expect all MGFK to convert to DAF’s UFOC. Why would they run a company under someone else’s rules? In addition, who would want a company to run under a UFOC from a corp that is obviously in trouble? If DAF is truely saving MGFK, then they will want to save it from the foundation up. The UFOC is just that. They may not be able to force the owners to accept it, however, they will make it difficult not to. Perhaps by offering 1 year to make the rebranding changes IF you sign the DAF UFOC immediately, but only 3 months if you do not.

    These are questions that need to be answered before the release documents are signed.

  • Girlfriend on the fence:

    The only thing the current document does is release DAF from any liability pre-sale
    period. The FAC hired an attorny to draw this document up. I have already faxed it to my attorney and he said to sign it, that it does not release MGFK from its liability. As for what DAF will or will not do, that I’m sure will be made evident shortly. Right now its them or nothing, and well I’m not ready for nothing yet.

  • I don’t know who all of you bloggers are but I would urge MGFK owners not to listen to bitter independents, other system franchisees, and ex-owners from other systems. We’re getting a chance here and they are upset.

    I’m not part of the MGFK FAC. MH and I don’t get along too well. I’m from the JJ days and never really fit in.

    We all should have spoken to our attorneys and the response will be pretty much universal.

  • dinnerzen:

    Well, calling us all “bitter independents” isn’t very nice. That I can tell, most of the folks responding to this post are from franchises.

    While some of the responses come across as negative, I think you misconstrue some folks’ intentions to not see someone else get screwed over.

    You guys are the ones reading the documents, you guys should be the ones sharing them with your franchise-wise attorneys (or finding someone smart in the ways of franchising) and getting their counsel. I would agree that ensuring your lawyer is wise in the ways of franchises is important. I was the victim of not so great lawyerly advice from a general practice lawyer. It was like taking OB advice from my podiatrist. What was I gonna do, sue.

    Not to state the obvious, but it seems that you can go willingly forward with the new company and hope for better times or fight and see if you can get out of your obligations (and then what? close? go independent?).

    It doesn’t sound like most / any of the folks who have posted here have had any conversations with attorneys about whether you can get out of your franchise agreements, or at least your not talking about it.

    I got caught up in an equipment lawsuit and learned a little along the way about “successors in interest”.

    Regardless of whether you sign the paper or not, it seems there is already legal precedent that will determine what rights you have to pursue legal action against DAF. See the little excerpt below from a paper on successor liability.

    Before I’d sign anything I’d want to understand clearly where this sale falls- if it happens to fall under any of the exceptions listed below I’d think twice about signing the document.

    Girlfriend on the fence, presumably your lawyer confirmed that the sale does not constitute one of these exceptions? If it does, then it seems you might not only be signing away your right to sue DAF for stuff that happened pre-sale, but by virtue of the type of transaction, you lose the right to sue MGFK because the new company will be a successor in interest and assume their liabilities.

    For whatever this info is worth…

    From a not-too-bitter independent store owner who wishes you all good luck in a time of turmoil (for everyone).

    In general, a company that purchases another company is not responsible for the liabilities of the purchased company, but there are several exceptions to this rule.

    Based upon judicial decisions in almost every state, a successor is responsible for the liabilities of its predecessor under any of the following circumstances: an express assignment of liability; an express or de facto merger; a determination that the successor is a mere continuation or reincarnation of the predecessor; or a fraudulent attempt to avoid liability.[1] When two companies merge in conformance with state statutes, then by statute, the successor company will also be liable for debts of the predecessor.[2]

  • OneMoreFromTheBitchesKitchen:

    Why sign? I see no future here.

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    Please explain they are getting upset. Who is they and what are they upset about?

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    I mean, Who ARE they and what are they upset about? Sorry.

  • dinnerzen:

    “They” are: “bitter independents, other system franchisees, and ex-owners from other systems.”

    Apparently his/her perception is that:
    – Dream Dinners owners are jealous because they see MGFK stores being thrown a life jacket. And they are collectively stuck in their shitt(ier?) situation with no hopes or options.
    – Everyone else is hoping to see this all blow up because they 1) see MGFK stores as competition and want to see them go away, or 2) are bitter former owners who don’t want to see anyone succed.

    The part I will agree with, you should seek out the facts, weigh opionins (and the source/s), consult with knowledgeable legal counsel and make your own very well educated decision. Unless you have a pressing deadline, take a deep breath and think it through.

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    Oh, now I get it. Thanks

  • mysterymiss:

    From the getgo, my beef has been with Zors-ANY ZOR in this industry continuing to sell franchises when 50% of their stores are closing is unconscionable to me, in my opinion. NO ONE has given anyone a reason to believe that the ZORS have a clue as to why their stores are failing en masse OR how to fix it. EVERYONE”S “fix” is the same, and it ain’t fixin anything, so why should anyone believe DAF is any different or has the answer? My opinion is that it’s not fixable, it was never fixable. It was broken from the very start. Don’t want to hear what I have to say, fine that’s your perogative. Don’t believe my assessment, thats fine too, again your perogative. but……I seriously take exception to ANYONE who thinks what I have to say is because I want to see anyone fail. HELLOOOOOOO, lost everything here, if I wanted that to happen to anyone else, I would be a vindictive bitch, which I am not. The only one I am bitter towards are those in this industry who continue to take advantage of people by selling them dreams, hopes and lies about the future of this industry.
    IF MH thought this business was worth saving or had a future DON”T ya THINK she would have a plan to save her company? She has been around a hell of alot longer than DAF. SHE should be the expert on this industry and she bailed, not only did she bail, she left you all holding her baggage. That does not give me an interested bystander the warm & fuzzies and it shouldn’t give any Zee from any system the warm & fuzzies. Why am I an interested bystander? Because as an ex-owner I desperately want you all to succeed, why would I want you to fail? To prove me right? Again, I am not a vindictive bitch, shoot me I care about you all!
    If you looked at any industry that is going through a major meltdown(oh I don’t know like the banking industry?) Don’t you think that folks saw the writing on the wall. don’t you think they tried to sendout warning signals to their compatriots and associates? Do I expect a pat on the back for swimmin against the pervasive current here? I have spent countless hours as have Tuckerbox and mealblogger, dinnerzen, Mindy (to name just a few) going over inaccurate facts, bogus figures, nonsensical statistics, to find real numbers (where you can ferret them out) to support the rosey picture people are telling others . I have talked to people still in business and those who failed to get a clearer picture of what is happening to this industry that once showed such great promise. We did it because we care about those still here and to warn those who are fishing for a business to stay clear. Do we all agree? Hell no, does that mean I’m bitter because my store closed and dinnerzen is doing well, HELL NO!!!! I admire her for sticking to it and making an effort to continue on, do I think she’s crazy yeah, just alittle, but bitter, nope, it’s just not there, nor is it there for any of you other store owners. What is there is empathy for the turmoil you’re in, the pain of seeing dreams and hopes drain away.
    I will say this once again just so there is NO misunderstanding.
    I believe that this industry is dying-I also believe there will be jewels that remain in certain markets that meet certain needs. This is not a franchiseable concept that can sustain itself and have competition.
    I believe that based on ancedotal information and education about this industry where it started and where it is now.
    I am suspicious of the way this “deal” went down, I am bitter that ZORS can sell owners to someone else like chattel and the Zees have no say…..I am bitter that so many people are in sucn financial ruin and some walk away and more or less say-sux to be you!” They got out and you all got stuck. I hope that this deal works out well for you,
    I wish you all the best.

  • ChefGeorge:

    Amen Kelly!

  • OneMoreFromTheBitchesKitchen:

    mysterymiss, I agree. You are right on!

  • who knows about MHs new company http://www.fransupply.com. MH giving advice to franchisees about suppliers?

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    She’s had it for a while. UmUmUm…start by mortgaging your house and every one in your family’s house..umumum…..

  • OneMoreFromTheBitchesKitchen:

    The umum thing is so funny. I wanted to tell her to shut up use the $$ she makes from the sale and take a public speaking course. And another thing, if you were on the FAC call yesterday I wish someone would have told Joan (little Miss Sunshine) to shut the F up and let others ask a question.

  • Ron was worse he doesn’t know when to shut up and let someone else talk. I did not hear anything on the calls that excited me. The cost to us is going to be more than they are letting on I think.

  • Jennifer:

    So, what did they say on the call? What are you expected to do to change over to DAF?

    I wish all the mgfk folks the best with this new venture. i hope it works for some of you.

  • OneMoreFromTheBitchesKitchen:

    I bet the cost will be more. If it is just a sign and a openinf package of $2000 that might be doable. I heard that some MGFK owners went to DAF to try it out undercover and said that it was really bad. Hair nets were involved and they had to carry around there assigned crock and wipe down there mess…CRAZY!!

  • Seriously… I’m not sure why you have this feeling that the people who post comments here are out to get you or that they are upset that you might have a chance to be successful. Many owners have closed their doors, but I have yet to see one comment that makes me think they want someone else to do the same as some sort of revenge or vindication. Advice is being given based on personal experiences and no one here has anything to gain whether you stay in business or close. If you make money it’s yours to keep, if you go bankrupt it’s yours to pay back, financially none of us will be affected. If nothing else I think the word of caution is to decide whether this is a business you want to be in and can you actually make money for yourself. Can you pull in a salary? Are you spending your personal money to keep the business afloat? Are you using your credit card to pay for store expenses? I know I’ve done those things and I’ve regretted it. And I bet several others have done it as well. The point is don’t let ego and pride make you stay in a business that isn’t working for you. If it’s costing you more and more each month to keep the doors open and you are sinking further and further in debt, it’s not vindication to say that you need to consider alternatives, that just common sense.

    It would be great if Dinner A’Fare was able to come in and make the MGFK owners a success and push forward as a viable business opportunity. I know I wouldn’t be upset, I would love to hear about it. And I bet many others would too.

    Maybe DAF has all the right moves to make meal assembly work where others have failed. Maybe they have a whole new business model that will grab new customers. Maybe they have a new marketing strategy that can recover all that lost ground. Maybe they have a lot going for them that will put money back in your pockets. I dare say if that’s the case then many owners maybe switching to the DAF team.

    However, it’s not the franchise, it’s the business. Meal assembly is a hard sell right now. It will be hard sell all through summer. It will probably be a hard sell during the holiday months (Oct-Dec). For the 40 hour work week you are putting in are you getting a paycheck? Have you been getting a paycheck? Will you get one soon? Regardless of what Stephanie thinks, you are business to make money and if that isn’t happening and you are losing more than you make, then perhaps some tough decisions need to be made.

    If it’s going to cost $10k, $20k, $50k to be a DAF franchise and you can make that money back, then best of luck to you. But if you don’t think you can make that money back in couple of months maybe a year then you really have to ask if it’s the right move.

    No one wants to see another store close. But, no one wants to see another owner go bankrupt either.

  • JiltedGirlfriend:

    GF in the bushes- Apparently Marcia has been pursuing this FranSupply as a business for some time – since March 2007! Starting up another company while she helped run MGFK into the ground. Unbelievable!!! Marcia Hales giving advice on how to run a successful franchise might be the most ironic thing I’ve heard in, well, forever! She ran a FAILED franchise with MGFK and in doing so has caused numerous Zees to go bankrupt and lose everything, with more to come! To ANYONE who Googles FranSupply and finds this, read about Marcia Hales and MGFK and all of her failings before you consider having her do anything to try to “help” your francise!!!!

  • JiltedGirlfriend:

    Does anyne like to hear himself talk more than Ron? Umm ummm ummm ummmm, I don’t think so! The costs will be more – they ALWAYS are. Think back to your own stores and think if there is any cost that has come in at what we were told it would be. Costs are higher and sales are lower-without fail.

  • So she is running a whole other side business showing franchise owners how to be successful?

    Considering the distress of this industry, I find this little catch phrase almost laughable: We take all the work out of looking for suppliers so you can –
    “Focus on what you do best.”

    I guess you can focus on running your business while she is off trying to sell hers. Classy, very classy.

  • mysterymiss:

    Honestly, do these flimflamers ever stop???? The answer is no, re:emp
    Folks do they really think we are that stupid and gullible?? (the answer is yes, they honetly do.) They suckered you once they think they can broaden their scope ann snag more suckers.
    Have they ever heard of the internet?, googling??-Zors-learn from the politicians,
    Words have meaning, it is NEVER off the record, and we cannnn seeeeeee youuuuu!
    AND we talk to each other ACROSS party lines(I’ll say it reaaalllllyyy ssssllllllowwww for all you ZORS & ZOR toadies who are reading this- that, means we talk to other zees from other zee companies! isn’t that precious????)
    Google Supper Thymes female founders name and find that she is looking for help with her website from a guy that has a blog for young entrepeneurs(wishful thinking on umm the founders part)….real classy and professional NOT. (I can see ALL the surprised zor faces out there, saying “you mean zees can do that???)This from the one who has as a CMO has all the marketing answers, is “young, enthusiastic, bright (she has a to Creighton business school! whatever that is!), and is very marketable!” Oh I forgot she “has integrity.”
    Here’s what I suggest, you start treating THEIR business, like THEY treat YOUR business, with selfish disregard………

  • DeadbrokeGirlfriend:

    So……if MGFK is still under the MGFK UFOC……do we just scratch out the old ZORs names and insert DAF? I was reading it again last night and so many things have changed in it , like suppliers, I don’t know how either side could be held accountable if they violated the agreement. Hell, how many stores really keep the hours they demand right now? There are still SO MANY questions unanswered. AND, although Mr. New Zor sounds like he’s making a good effort, some of the anwers he gave needed alot more explaination…..like the UFOC matter. Also, great, he says the the opening package will be around $2000….I DON’T HAVE $2000! If I did, my landlord would not be breathing down my neck!

    Looks like there will be another “looser” owner closing her doors. Oh, well, I’ll be in better company than I am now!

  • guest:

    Looks like the TALK is on with Design Dinners is merging with Dream Dinners.

    Wonder if this will be a good thing or Bad thing

  • guest:

    That should be interesting…The Designed Dinners near here is about 2 blocks away from the DD

  • More merger talk? Well obviously Stephanie is open to a suitor. She stated quite clearly in her interview they were looking to bring in some more money in one form or another. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if Stephanie was looking for a buyer so she take the money and run before the lawsuit catches up with her. From comments placed in the Forum, Darin claims they won’t settle because then all the other owners would sue them.

    Funny, he didn’t mention not going for a settlement because Dream Dinners had done nothing wrong…

    But what about Super Suppers in all this? MGFK has certainly been the talk of the town and Stephanie has certainly gotten some spirited comments from her behavior, but what Judy? Is she flying under the radar to keep from being picked off? Will there be additional lawsuits on her end since it’s not secret she pretty much copied everything that Dream Dinners did? Is she quietly looking for a buyer so she can grab a couple of sacks full of money and head to Mexico? Is the trying to distance herself from the fray and working diligently on her “cooking show”?

    Or does she have some secret weapon that will help her weather this legal firestorm and allow her to outlast the competitors and emerge as the top meal assembly franchise with a handful of stores?

  • In the thick of it:

    So what would a merger mean? DAF bought out MGFK. Never even heard of Designed Dinner. Where are the murmers coming from?

  • Super Sucker:

    Super Suppers…nope, no big plans are emerging from corporate hq to save us all! Sometimes I feel like they care, sometimes I don’t…

    But – if the plan is to fly under the radar and wait out the others, then it’s a smart plan.

    There is some talk about a big fall campaign with a big name chef (and NOT Martha Stewart this time!)…so maybe that will help get the word out on the industry. Assuming anyone makes it through the summer.

  • ChefGeorge:

    Yeah the summer is almost here. I have to think there will be a bigger fallout this time. I still can’t figure out why it drops off as much as it does. People still gotta eat!

    We had special grilling packages (premade yet) which included several options for meat, salad, bread and dessert…they were really great if I do say so myself! The price was set to just get people in the door (yes, close to another give away). One option was the Austin Blues BBQ Ribs or Chicken from Hormel which are excellent! But alas over 300 people took the flyers and we sold 2. We must have missed something there but it still puzzles me.

    At least I’ll have my dog to keep me company this summer and she will give greater recognition for any free food I give her.

  • Summer is the big travel months, the kids are of school so there is less time to get things done and isn’t this the time when the men folk take charge and cook everything they can get their hands on, on the grill? :)

    Considering most guys frown on the idea and won’t be found in a meal assembly kitchen I think that may explain a few things.

    Seriously, I think between a lot more cooking outdoors, travel and being “out” where they can always grab something on the way home the larger or meal that take more than a few minutes to get aren’t on their minds.

  • store owner:

    I am a current DD owner. First off i am knee deep in this thing with all my lifes savings tied to the success/failuer of my store and the brand. So let me start by saying, while i have sympathy for all you independents and copycats out there like Meal Makers, i also have the feeling that you had it coming. You cannot dispute that fact that Dream Dinners was the first on the block. You all thought it would be easy to jump on the band wagon and now you are blaming DD for your plight. Whats up with that? How can you attach all these threads of discontent to DD on this blog? What is your justification for blaming DD for Meal Makers failure. I dont get it. Then you have your uninformed facts, no checks and balance. When someone does question you the reply is “well you must work for a zor”. Our sales actually went up the last two monthes with some of the programs the new CEO has implimented. But bitch you may about the giveaways or coupons. Damed it they do damed if they dont. We have some hope that things will improve. If all you copycats are out of the way it will be even better. Pixie should have sent a message to you all. Watch what you say, it could all come back to haunt you. I can go on and on if you like. I can dispute alot of the crap that poeple have said on here, i’m just not sure you are all ready to hear a different view. So if i get attacked, well i ll just focus on my own biz and let this blog become the tabloid it has. No value to anyone that is trying, just for bitchen.

  • mealblogger:

    Every now and then a post comes up that strikes me as odd, so…. Here we go again.

    “I am a current DD owner. First off i am knee deep in this thing with all my lifes savings tied to the success/failuer of my store and the brand.”
    I have great sympathy for anyone going thru the issues surrounding the financial problems this industry has caused us all. If I didn’t I wouldn’t bother to check the site from time to time. However I don’t like persons that haven’t actually gone thru these issues pretending that they have…..

    “So let me start by saying, while i have sympathy for all you independents and copycats out there like Meal Makers, i also have the feeling that you had it coming.”
    I have no sympathy for ANYONE that sold this concept to others, nor do I care for people that work for the zor’s pretending to be an owner….

    “You cannot dispute that fact that Dream Dinners was the first on the block.”
    I can and have http://www./wordpress/index.php/2008/01/07/can-you-compete-by-not-assembling-meals-for-customers/#comment-4146

    “You all thought it would be easy to jump on the band wagon and now you are blaming DD for your plight.”
    I agree that everyone jumped on this bandwagon, but I don’t really see anyone blaming DD for that. I see comments from owners of all the various franchises all posting on the same site, but I don’t recall anyone saying that Meal Makers failed because of Dream Dinner, or Supper Thyme failing because of Dream Dinners. I don’t read all the posts, way to much traffic on this site to do that, so I might have missed it. But since you bring it up, I suppose Dream Dinners could be thought of as the responsible party since it was their flawed idea to franchise this business that caused others to try to do the same. Thanks for pointing that out. I doubt anyone would have mentioned that, had you not made your post.

    “Whats up with that? How can you attach all these threads of discontent to DD on this blog? What is your justification for blaming DD for Meal Makers failure. I dont get it.”
    Again, I must have missed the post which has caused your comment. People are discontent with Dream Diners because of Dream Dinners, they are unhappy with Meal Makers because of Meal Makers, they are unhappy with Super Supper because of Super Suppers, they are unhappy with the “independent” organizations because of the organizations themselves, notice a trend here? But again, thanks for pointing out that because the initial idea to franchise this business was Dream Dinners, (while I dispute they invented this concept, they probably were the first to sell a franchise) I suppose people could feel they are responsible.

    “Then you have your uninformed facts, no checks and balance.”
    Ok so what facts do you have to provide your point? This is an opinion site, opinions are welcome, news is welcome, and words of encouragement or empathy are welcome. Facts are more welcome here than anything, if you have facts to provide please do! Please help with those checks and balances.

    When someone does question you the reply is “well you must work for a zor”.
    Quack Quack.

    “Our sales actually went up the last two monthes with some of the programs the new CEO has implimented. “
    This is great news! I hope all the Dream Dinners stores have had a similar jump in sales. I’d love to hear how in less than 90 days since he was announced as the new CEO he had such an effect on your store.(yes I know, he was consulting before actually being hired as ceo) Sales went up, how about your profit margin? Sales’ going up is great for the zor, they are paid on gross.

    “But bitch you may about the giveaways or coupons. Damed it they do damed if they dont.”
    Me, I don’t like paper coupons or trinkets etc, I would prefer to have some automated way via the website (online coupon etc.) to help retain customers. Everyone has a different opinion on marketing.

    “We have some hope that things will improve.”
    As do I, but what I don’t have is blind faith…

    “If all you copycats are out of the way it will be even better. “
    I’ve never much cared for the knock-off concepts, but let me remind you, Dream Dinner might have been instrumental in franchising this concept, but they hardly invented it.
    Your attitude is directed at the wrong place, wishing owners to be “out of the way” is over the line. Winning by way of attrition isn’t my idea of winning.

    “Pixie should have sent a message to you all. Watch what you say, it could all come back to haunt you.”
    If I actually thought Pixie was a real customer the situation would be different, but it certainly didn’t appear to be a genuine post to me or as it seems to many of the other people that read it. We need the customers, but that doesn’t mean that they should be shielded from the reality that is the meal assembly industry. I’ve only seen a couple of posts on this site that appear to be negative towards the customers, the customers aren’t really the problem, it’s how the zor’s and indie’s have given away the farm to please them. Sometimes the customer doesn’t always know best.

    “I can go on and on if you like.”
    Please do.

    “I can dispute alot of the crap that poeple have said on here, i’m just not sure you are all ready to hear a different view.”
    Again, please do, feel free to provide a counter point to what you say, just be prepared to back up those comments if they are anything more than just opinion.

    “So if i get attacked, well i ll just focus on my own biz and let this blog become the tabloid it has.”
    So you expect to be attacked why would that be? Have you been attacked before for posting inflammatory comments? So you post a comment that you fully expect to be considered inflammatory, to what end? To decrease the credibility of the site as a useful place to exchange information about the industry?

    “No value to anyone that is trying, just for bitchen.”
    I don’t agree, many people have gained a lot of information from other owners on this site.
    What hurts the site are people that post intentionally inflammatory comments. Legitimate comments are never attacked, pseudo comments are shown to be what they are.

    Welcome back John/Jim. Going to stick around this time? Or just doing another drive by?


  • John Tramatana/Jim Coosteel/Store Owner – You are one in the same and I can tell by the very garbage that spews forth from your lips. But beyond that, server logs don’t lie, I can see right through you. You sir, should be ashamed of yourself. Your deception and fraud are clear and this pathetic and downright scandalous behavior proves once and for all the type of company Dream Dinners really is. You are an embarrassment to this industry and you have no moral integrity whatsoever.

    For this type of behavior you deserve to be terminated immediately. However, I am sure you fit right in with the rest of the Dream Dinners crowd; not only do they seem to support and encourage this type of behavior, they will probably even give you a raise.

    I am going to leave your posts exactly as they are because you are right, customers can see this, and this is something they should see. They should see the types of lies and deceit Dream Dinners is capable of. They should see the level of misdirection they try to employ to make themselves look good and cover up their mistakes. They should see how you try to manipulate events and throw blame on others when you know you are guilty to the core. They should see the types of business practices you employ to discredit people who have worked for you, slaved for you, lost millions BECAUSE OF YOU. They should see the type of person a Dream Dinners will employ. They should see the type of person the store owners have to deal with while struggling to save their homes. They should see the level to which you will sink.

  • guest2:

    hummmmm, I wonder who is Left at the HO of Dream Dinners, INC?

    Could this person be?!? You choose.

    Scott Kuna- No real job Scott, walking bobble head that drinks Fat Tire day & night. Continues to speak about Intergity…


    John Antellei- Has a MBA in Marketing, Suppose to be this brillant shinning star and ‘steer the ship’ only to be DEMOTED to a regional coach that HAS no voice, Never had the BALLS to take StepOnMe head on….


    Darin Leonard Himself…Here is a man that quotes having all this knowledge of the Meal Assembly Industry because he worked for Magtag selling appliances, and Knows what ‘SHE’ the consumer Wants.

    If I were to pick out of a line up which one of these Mop-Heads- I would pick Darin Leonard.

    He still does not have a plan only intitives, 87 on the table, BUT nothing that will HELP the business Owner and Save the Company? Why I beleive he is in this for himself? Cause, he has a Name now- CEO- dosent have to accept a REAL paycheck (couph, bullshit, couph) He dosnt have to WORRY about losing HIS shirt….He has a NAME called CEO and for the future, it looks great on a resume’

    Shaking my head- What knuckle heads are running Dream Dinners, Inc.

    this sickens me…

  • In the thick of it:

    My vote is Scott. He makes reference to being knee deep in it with his finances and continues to talk about being FIRST in the business. While he tries to make points it comes off as wussy.

    If Darin were posting it would be much more caustic. Remember he is a no bull, straight shooting, will set you straight kind of guy.

    John-doesn’t care anymore.


  • guest2:

    good point- Scott Does have the Time to defend Himself since He doesnt have a REAL job at Boeing anymore.

    Hey Scott, if your reading this- go try working at Millcreek Store, Come back and tell us How that is Working For You & Tina…..

    Dr. Phil would have a hay-day unraveling the lies with this one…
    That’s right, wouldnt it be a Treat to see all the disloyal franchisee’s coming together and talking about the ‘Lawsuit’ that Dream Dinners, Inc. doesnt think is Important?????

    I hope your reading this now Scott & Tina- your going down

  • guest:

    I am not an attorney and I don’t play one on TV…but
    In my opinion-
    TO all the DD law-suiters is to hold tight and keep the faith…the Meal Makers and Make & Take Gourmet legal faux paus of selling franchises before they were licensed to in some states will just bolster your position.
    Remember that Step-on-me and ilk are sitting on the motherlode of money-generated by little ole you!
    Don’t let them silence you with threats of retribution against you.
    Keep talking, hell yelling, shouting it to the mountain tops, start calling your attorney generals of your states, DO NOT take no for an answer, band together and start calling state reps and federal officials, write letters, post EVERY WHERE you can, the places to start are listed on this site.
    You do count, you do matter, you are strong working together.
    Don’t let HO cowl you into submission, you signed their UFOC not a gag order.
    You have a freedom of speech right, exercise it to the fullest extent of your ability where ever you PLEASE!
    Just DO IT!!

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