Meal prep franchises aim to tempt customers’ tastebuds and wallets

The meal assembly industry is growing in the Toledo area.

Both Super Suppers and Dinner by Design have opened franchises in the past year and both say business has been good.

The franchises, offering in-house food assembly and take-out, are part of a meal assembly industry that is one of the fastest-growing segments of the $1 trillion retail food industry.

The new firms, in Perrysburg and Holland, follow just a few years after similar businesses, Dream Dinners and Let’s Dish in the metro Toledo, closed. Those, say the owners of the current businesses, weren’t open every day and had no pre-made foods.

“Meal prep fulfills a need that many people have,” said Bert Vermuelen, founder of the association. “It provides a home cooked meal and the luxury of a family dinner [for people] that don’t have the time, the energy, or the interest to do it the traditional way.”

Store clientele, mainly professional, includes stay-at-home parents, the elderly, and others. They also market themselves to health club members, clients with dietary needs, and young single populations.

Super Suppers and Dinner by Design are happy, reporting 50 to 100 customers a week. Word of mouth typically drives business, they said.

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Meal prep franchises aim to tempt customers’ tastebuds and wallets

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One Response to “Meal prep franchises aim to tempt customers’ tastebuds and wallets”

  • onthego:

    I see our friend meal ticket bert has been at it AGAIN….with the bogus numbers….
    Well I’m somewhat familiar with the Toledo area-which contrary to popular belief IS part of Ohio, USA.
    The stores listed are actually in different parts of the City (each in a burb of Toledo for whatever that’s worth) in other words, the stores are not directly competing with each other. They each have a “territory” if you will, connected by I-475 (I think). The Maumee DBD store has some stiff competition from Walt’s an upscale gourmet market that has GREAT T&B meals.
    If I remember correctly in the outlying areas of Toledo there was a pop of 70-80,000 homes.
    All three have decent locations with plenty of foot traffice except for the store in Holland. That one is all little more out of the way.
    They are surrounded by upscale homes and restaurants, I see competition for them from The Andersons, the last time I was there Andersons had just opened a new store with T&B call ahead.
    Canada as the next thing-does anyone know if meal ticket bert has formed an Association there to market his wares?

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