How to Balance a Healthy Diet With a Hectic Schedule


Eating healthy may be difficult for people with hectic schedules, but there are many ways­from preparing snacks and meals ahead of time to hiring a personal chef­that residents in Herndon and Reston can keep their diets on track.

Jolie Crowder, owner of Dinner Zen in Reston, said often people do not know what correct portion sizes are. “A lot of people are amazed at what an actual serving size is because they have a restaurant-plate-of-food mentality,” she said.

At her meal assembly kitchen, Crowder offers healthy options for those looking for reduced salt, sugar or fat in their diets or for those who have other dietary restrictions or food allergies. Crowder also said she tries to offer at least six entrees with fewer than 300 calories.

“There’s a tendency in this area for people to choose healthier options,” she said. “In this day and age and with the clientele we serve, the nutritional aspect is really important to people.”

How to Balance a Healthy Diet With a Hectic Schedule

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