Dinner in 30 Minutes?

Has anyone else seen the new Dream Dinners promotion – Dinner in 30 minutes? I couldn’t possibly imagine where they got this idea from. 😉

– Serve a home-cooked meal in the time it takes to pick up take-out, fast food or pizza delivery.

– Feel good knowing you can serve a healthy dinner, plus have the time and energy to enjoy it.

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One Response to “Dinner in 30 Minutes?”

  • onthego:

    WOW what great idea 😉 I bet Rachel Ray wishes she had thought about that~I think it woudl make a great TV program & a series of cookbooks too with all manner of cool spin-off!
    It’s great to see their CRACK marketing team is on the ball and innovative! Does all that marketing money being extorted out of your business seem well spent now?

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