Ditching the Dream Dinners and Walking to the Wine Bar


We used to be truly in the know on trends, but it isn’t easy to keep up. They seem to come and go faster than ever.

In the case of the meal-assembly trend, it seems it got hot and then cold all without really getting our full attention. According to The New York Times, shops like Dream Dinners and Super Suppers are pretty much on their way out. The paper says 264 meal preparation stores closed during 2007, even as “The number of stores mushroomed from four in 2002 to 1,400 in 2007, almost exclusively by catering to women who wanted to provide home-cooked meals for their families, according to the Easy Meal Preparation Association.” (There really is an association for almost anything, it seems.) And the revenue predictions, once grand, have turned grim.

So why isn’t meal assembly on the upswing in American society? This article would suggest our culture is just too sophisticated, wealthy and progressive to keep supporting it. What’s so great about a freezer full of ready-to-go dinners when one can either go out for a quick dinner, stop at a takeaway place on the way home (it’s already hot and ready to eat) or just fire up something quick and easy that’s already on the pantry shelf?

Americans are busy and hungry and we love to be fickle. If tilapia just doesn’t sound right on Tuesday night, we’ll ditch that plan and go to something more alluring. And the Dream Dinner just sits there, ice-cold and lonely, for another night, and another and another.

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Ditching the Dream Dinners and Walking to the Wine Bar – Cork and Knife

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