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About The Organic Dish

The Organic Dish provides simple to make, fresh, and delicious organic meals (for vegetarians and omnivores) that support health and wellbeing.

What …

Our frozen organic dinner kits have the ingredients for each meal inside. Take them home, follow the easy cooking instructions and enjoy delicious, nourishing home cooked meals in minutes.

Feel like putting together your own organic meals from washed and prepared ingredients (it’s kinda like Legoâ„¢)? Join one of our do-it-yourself sessions where you put together all the prepared ingredients according to our simple asssembly instructions. In 20–60 minutes you can prepare 4–12 family-sized healthy, organic meals, without the hassle of going grocery shopping, preparing ingredients, and cleaning up. Find out more about how it works.

How …

You can buy our organic dinner kits at our kitchen, or you can order online.

If you choose to sign up for a do-it-yourself meal preparation session, we buy and prepare all the ingredients needed to put together the organic meals you choose. During the session you come to our commercial kitchen and put together multiple organic dinners designed to be frozen and subsequently cooked and eaten at home.

We’ll save you time, minimize the hassle of cooking and cleaning the kitchen, and reduce the number of trips to the grocery store, while providing you fresh, wholesome, organic meals.

Why …

2 out of every 3 Americans don’t think about what’s for dinner until after 4 PM. At that point it usually involves a mad dash to the grocery store – often with kids in tow – before rushing home to pick out a recipe, and then chop, dice and cook ingredients and eventually clean up the mess in the kitchen. This process often takes more than 1½ hours to prepare one meal.

With our organic dinner kits you can have dinner ready in about 15 minutes without any of these hassles.


We are committed to providing the highest quality natural and organic food in a vibrant environment with people who are friendly, eager to serve and ready to educate. We believe if you eat great you will live great.

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