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Hopefully you enjoy the site and its yuletide spirit. I might be changing things a bit early since we aren’t even in December yet, but since the stores have had the Christmas decorations out since before Halloween perhaps I’m a bit late to the party. But anyway, I will show off some seasonal finery to get things in the spirit.

As you can see, the Recent Comments column has been added back in. I was having a hard time following the comments so hopefully this helps you all as well. That isn’t actually part of the theme and it needs to be added manually. I was a bit slow in getting it done since adjustments are being made to the backend of the site and those needed to be finished first. But I think we have all of it under control now.

Thanksgiving was excellent. I had a wonderful time with the family. Lots of cooking, watching Thanksgiving and Christmas movies (oh that Charlie Brown) and lots of other little things.

The new job is outstanding. I’m having a great time learning new things and putting my Internet skills to use. I can still barely find my way around the building, but I’m having a ball. I forgot about that crazy rush hour traffic though. I certainly didn’t miss that.

Christmas is so close it’s scary!

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