How are the Thanksgiving orders coming along?

Thanksgiving is just a week away and it appears some session calendar are filling up a bit more, but are customers actually coming in to get help for the holiday or would they rather do it themselves?

It seems more money has been put into developing turkey cooking technology than into the space program (well not really) with all sorts of bags, pots, injectors, coverings, basters, etc. Cooking a bird for the season should actually be pretty simple, but having enough turkey, plus all those sides take a lot of time and it’s a lot of work. Cooking for a small group of 4 or so is easy, but once the family comes into town that is a lot of wasted in time in the kitchen.

Does anyone remember the episode of the West Wing where President Bartlett feels there should be a hotline you should be able to call to talk to someone about whether or not you should cook stuffing inside the bird? And then he is amazed and excited that Butterball does indeed have such a service and calls for advice?

If the President can get some help during the holidays, there is no shame in anyone else doing it… :)

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