2007 Fastest-Growing Franchises Rankings

Entrepreneur has put out a list of the top franchises for 2007. Strangely Super Suppers hits the list at #31 and Dream Dinners comes in at #58.

Of course I have to wonder about this list since Quizno’s is near the top and several Ebay drop off stores dot the list as well. Why is that an issue? Well, Quizno’s has certainly had their share of legal issues regarding their franchise owners. Multiple lawsuits have been brought up. Class action lawsuits, dozens of incredibly hostile web/blog sites, angry owners who can’t sell their stores and many more issues. Nothing against Quizno’s, but having your store shrouded in legal troubles doesn’t make for good business. I’m not sure how they were even able to get on this list considering the stores I’ve read.

And the Ebay dropoff stores are in the same boat. Stores are closing all over the country, owners are demanding legal action and lawsuits are pending all over. Many of those businesses have gone bankrupt in less than a year. There are sites which have lists of all the stores closing. Again, not sure how this business even made it onto the list with all that baggage behind it.

So, I can’t say I actually trust this list. It seems many of the franchises they believe in have one thing in common, they are growing across the country, but they have disgruntled owners who are trying to get out of the business.

2007 Fastest-Growing Franchises Rankings

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