The Importance of Dining Together

I Like This!!! These are just a couple of snippets from this rapier wit and razor sharp insight. Perhaps if some more families saw things this way there would be a great sweeping wave of change out there. There is another thing to note that this mom plans for two weeks out because “it’s easier than trying to figure it out at the last minute”.

Definitely worth a read and I only wish more people would follow this advice. Well said Tina!

Read the full post here:

September 24, 2007 was Family Day, a day set aside for parents to eat dinner with their children.

Are you freaking kidding me?

We have to have a specific day set aside for this?


Now I know, it’s hard to do this. Parents get off work late, mom or dad is too tired to cook, kids are going in 15 different directions to 15 different activities, there’s no food in the house, someone doesn’t know how to cook, etc. You know, if your family was important enough for you to start, it should be important enough for you to find a way to make something this simple work.

Simple? Why yes it is! Think about it.

“Who do you think you are saying all this stuff? I bet you don’t even eat dinner together at your house!”

Who do I think I am? Just somebody who is tired of hearing excuses for what is wrong with youth today when it’s something simple that could possibly solve the problems. Do we eat dinner together as a family? You’re damn straight we do! On Monday and Tuesday M and I eat together due to her dance schedule while the rest of the family is at home gathered around the table. The rest of the week we are ALL at the table enjoying each other’s company and time. We discuss the day’s happenings or whatever happens to come up (and trust me with 3 males around the table, topics are never dull).

“Any suggestions for meals Ms. High and Mighty?”

That’s Mrs. to you (after all I am a married woman), and sure! Here’s what I have planned for the next 2 weeks (yup, I’m a freak like that. It’s easier than trying to figure it out at the last minute).

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