Not too much sympathy

You would think going out of business would illicit some sympathy from your customers – apparently not in this business. Here is a store announcing it’s going out of business, the session times they will still offer and the food items they still have left.

… unfortunately we are having to close. We are offering great deals this week to all of our customers! Everything in grab and go is 20% off all week long! There will be no sessions. We will continue to be open until Saturday October 20, 2007. Our hours on Saturday will be 10-4pm. Our hours during the week will be 12-6pm. The entrees that are available are the following:

Perhaps an “I’m sorry to hear that” or “You’ll be missed would be in order”, but have a read of some of these comments such as:

“I am going tonight to see what I can get. And believe you me, I’m asking for a bigger discount than 20%.”

“I now realize why they are going out of business – horrible customer service. The email I was sent was highly misleading. When I arrived at DOVER Super Suppers the freezer was practically cleaned out. I got 3 meals. I was told if I wanted more I could return tomorrow, they restock everyday at Noon. If you are going out of business and you want to get rid of things while would you do this? When asked if they would have different items the reply was “I don’t know, it’s as we find ingredients.” Do you not keep an inventory? This was the owner I was talking to. My arguments fell on deaf ears as they are closing anyway, too late to teach an old dog new tricks.”

I have no idea why this store is going out of business, but with customers like this why would you want to be in business??? Talk about kicking someone when they’re down…

Read more of these unseemly comments here:

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2 Responses to “Not too much sympathy”

  • indie owner:

    I noticed the grouchiest “mom of 2 cutie patooties” had just returned from the store at 5:30 pm and was whining about the freezer being almost empty. Um, maybe she shoud have been there when the store opened at noon if she wanted the best selection. Has she considered that her attitude contributed to the owner’s level of responsiveness? She went in at the end of the day, whined about selection, demanded an extra discount and then has the gall to gripe about poor customer service? I feel bad for her kids’ teachers, they’ll never get it right.

  • I found the whole thing disturbing. I would have hoped someone going out of business would illicit a little more compassion rather trying to take it as an opportunity to take advantage of someone. You would think if they were that hell bent on saving money they would have been there when the doors opened not waiting until they almost closed.

    I feel bad for anyone who has to serve that customer.

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