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WordPress Upgrade Complete

I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to do it, but there it was, the new version just sitting there on the update site, taunting me with it’s code freshness and alluring new features. It was a siren call and I was helpless against it.

So I updated the site (did you blink and miss it?) and everything looks ok so far. The messages appear to be in tact and the functions all appear normal. At first glance it appears we have success. If you notice anything odd or missing please let me know. Basically the site should be “the same as it ever was” and if so, we are good to go!

Now, let’s see what this button does…

Clichéd ad campaign slogans

Is anyone still getting use out of these slogans or ideas?

The/Your answer to “What’s for dinner?”
Too busy/Too tired to cook?
A month’s worth of meals for $$$
Bring your family back to the table

The idea of making meals for a sick friend.
The idea of making meals for a pregnant friend.
Simplify meal time

I think we need to come up with something that speaks about the product and what benefit it can have for a family.

Save $25-40 a week on your grocery bill
Spend an extra 10 hours a week with your kids
Reduce your grocery shopping by half

Or something that really shows what a meal assembly store can do. I read dozens of blogs (ok, I browse through them) and I see the same things over and over again. “Store X” is a place where you assembly your meals. They have all the ingredients … They talk about what you do there, not how it helps. Customers are still enthusiastic about the idea and they like havng the meals available, but the pitch is dry and has a “ho-hum” feel to it now…

I think everyone knows what the meal prep is all about; I think they need a “hook” to get them in the store. Showing how they can save money or cut their work at home should be the focus. The slogans are all starting to blend in a little too much (just like store names), customer need something that is going to get their attention.

A blog for San Bruno Dream Dinners

It looks like the San Bruno Dream Dinners has rekindled their blog. And their site has a similar look and feel to the Rockville Dream Dinners blog. I wonder if we’ll see links from the main Dream Dinners site to the local blogs? That would actually be a neat thing to do, when you select your site, the address for the blog also appears so you can be informed of local events.

WordPress 2.3 upgrade on hold

The latest release of WordPress hasn’t actually come out yet so I guess the upgrade will be held off until tomorrow. If a new version comes out later tonight I may try testing with it, but for right now everything will stay as it is.

Bit of a false alarm on that one :)

Bloggers Wanted

On September 24th the site will (hopefully) be upgraded to WordPress 2.3. I am backing up the databases and updating plugins to make this as smooth an upgrade as I can. Normally upgrades are no big deal, but there are some new features and changes with this version. Everything should go fine, but just in case you see something odd…

To coincide with that update I would like to expand the site. There are numerous owners out there with great ideas and valuable opinions and I would like this site to be the platform to express those ideas.

So with that, if you have previously made comments on the site and would like to write your own blog entries here, please let me know so we can set it up for you. These entries will appear on the main page along with mine. (Oh just think of the thrill of having your name appear alongside mine :)) You can write about whatever topics interest you – as long as they relate to the meal prep business in some way (I’m not always on topic am I? :))

Got a great marketing idea?
Have an amusing story to tell?
Want to try something, but not sure how to make it happen?
Want to write something about the industry?
Found a great article or news item?

Want to talk about that store buyout? 😉

There are so many great ideas coming out and I think we can all benefit from them.

Please send an email to administrator @ mealassemblywatch [dot] com so we can create an account for you.

Don’t be shy, we’re all in this together.

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