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I’m not going to comment on every MA blog that comes along, but I did like some of things I read on the Orlando DD Blog. The blog is just underway so there aren’t too many entries, but their Community Corner was an interesting touch. Perhaps it’s free publicity or maybe just a small little network, but the idea of listing other related services on their blog is a pretty good idea.

It speaks to the “networking” idea we’ve been talking about. Okay, they aren’t other MA stores, but it’s not a bad (cheap) way to get your name out there and build some relationships with other stores.

If you scroll to the bottom there is even a little counter showing how many days until Christmas. I figured Thanksgiving would be a good one to put in there too, but hey, it’s not my site.

Just a couple of interesting ideas.


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  • Unfortunately it seems this wasn’t enough to keep the store up and running. Regrettably it will have to be added to the list of store closings… Very sorry to hear it…

    “My dear customers, it is with great sorrow that I write that we will be temporarily closing our doors until the New Year. We are selling our store and once the sale is complete, we will reopen our doors under new management.

    I wish you all the best and a very happy and healthy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year!

    Many thanks for all your patronage over the past year! I will miss you all!”


  • MA Owner:

    Those blogs are free too! I love FREEEEEEE!

    I was watching TV recently and I saw this really awesome story about a xmas gift. A family in the Bay Area (a well off family apparently!) sent $1000 to 20 of their friends for xmas. Well, kind of. The instructions were that each of those 20 people had to give away the money within one week, and document it (i.e. video), and post it onto a blog that was set up. So after that one week all of the 20 people (and prob. others) could go online and see how people gave away their money. I think the family was inspired by the movie pay it forward from what the new story said.

    I’ve tried searching online for the blog & videos but haven’t had luck. Sorry. :-(

    Going back to what you said earlier Tuckerbox (in an earlier post I think): These franchises have so much money in their marketing funds. If they just spent ONE month’s of revenue to create something like that it would be amazing! Can you imagine just 50K being used on a marketing gimmick like that (which is a fraction of one months marketing dollars for the large franchises). Send off an email to ALL your customers or the ones who have been in the last 12 months and all they have to do is say which charity they want their money to go to (which will be entered into a database) and first prize receives 20K, 5 2nd prize winners get 4K, and 10 3rd prize winners get 1K each.

    Then post pictures of that ALLLL over the regional and national news and internet with headlines like: not only do these Meal Prep places give back the gift of time etc etc etc…

    The guests will tell all their family and friends.

    I think Oprah would even love this story (hahaha– I have a love of Oprah if you can’t tell!) And allll the morning talk shows. I think It would create the buzz we’re looking for around this industry!

    The one downside I can think of: our customers will think we’re rich. Yikes, WHAT a misconception!

  • MA Owner:

    Here’s something I found just now, not by a MAK, but by a customer.

    you can just go to the main blog for more recent stuff: http://www.thisweekfordinner.com

    Isn’t that cool!

  • I don’t have an issue with free things – blogs and software are my favorites – but I’ve never looked favorably upon stuff like this. It’s the same to me as what the grocery stores try to push on you. If I wanted a deck chair or canvas bag or collapsible cooler I would just buy one. And I would buy it from someone who specializes in that sort of thing not a grocery store.

    I know they’re actually melamine, but to me, they’re plastic; plastics cups and pitchers that I could get from dozens of places for just a few dollars. It really doesn’t say, “You’re a valued customers, thanks for coming in!” If I’m in a grocery store, give me a free steak or a huge jug of laundry detergent or a couple of roaster chickens or even 10% off the total bill would be spectacular. If I’m in a grocery store I want free or discounted groceries. If I’m getting my car serviced, give me a free oil change or alignment. At a meal prep place give me a free meal or dessert or knock off 10% of the bill or maybe even a prize package of a meal, sides, dessert, salad and wine in a basket. Throw in some movie tickets and we might have something!!

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