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On September 24th the site will (hopefully) be upgraded to WordPress 2.3. I am backing up the databases and updating plugins to make this as smooth an upgrade as I can. Normally upgrades are no big deal, but there are some new features and changes with this version. Everything should go fine, but just in case you see something odd…

To coincide with that update I would like to expand the site. There are numerous owners out there with great ideas and valuable opinions and I would like this site to be the platform to express those ideas.

So with that, if you have previously made comments on the site and would like to write your own blog entries here, please let me know so we can set it up for you. These entries will appear on the main page along with mine. (Oh just think of the thrill of having your name appear alongside mine :)) You can write about whatever topics interest you – as long as they relate to the meal prep business in some way (I’m not always on topic am I? :))

Got a great marketing idea?
Have an amusing story to tell?
Want to try something, but not sure how to make it happen?
Want to write something about the industry?
Found a great article or news item?

Want to talk about that store buyout? 😉

There are so many great ideas coming out and I think we can all benefit from them.

Please send an email to administrator @ mealassemblywatch [dot] com so we can create an account for you.

Don’t be shy, we’re all in this together.

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