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My personal choice in graphics software is Corel Paint Shop Pro. It has excellent image manipulation features such as the usual crop and resize, but it also the power photo tools like Curves, Levels, Masks, Layers and all sorts of other photo adjustment tools. But aside from that you can be very creative with Paint Shop by using all the Picture Tubes, Picture Frames, Creative Masks, Filters and Effects and dozens of other nifty built in toys.

I use it exclusively for creating web graphics and it’s so easy to take an image and layer additional images and text on top of it. I can do text and graphics manipulations in Paint Shop in one step that normally take about 4 or 5 in Photoshop and other apps.

I sort of make it sound like a toy app, it’s not. This is a very powerful, full featured graphics program. It has a lot of the same features as Photoshop, but it’s so much easier to use. I really don’t think this program gets enough credit.

I also have an easy way of saving a bunch of money. You can get Photo Shop for around $60. It normally retails for $99.

Here’s what you do.

Click this link to get Paint Shop for $79. Then use this coupon code 08SAVE15 to save 15% more. It must be entered in all upper case letters to work. The total cost should be $68.

The link below is for the upgrade version. In all truth, I have the previous version so I upgraded, however, I have since rebuilt this machine and reinstalled Paint Shop and it never asked me for a previous version. This could be the full version of the program. But anyway.

Click this link to get Paint Shop for $39 and then use the same coupon code of 08SAVE15 to get another 15% off – remember, all upper case letters. The total should be $33…

Using either link you get Corel Creative Edition 2 (retail $20) which is a huge bundle of Masks, Picture Tubes, Frames and all sorts of other nifty effects. It’s great for those newsletters and other graphics projects.

You can read more about Paint Shop at

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