Super Suppers on the small screen in October!!

Thanks to Geoffrey Donovan for this article that I clearly missed:

FamilyNet Television is pleased to announce its production of a new cooking show, Judie Byrd’s Kitchen, which will begin its first season in October of 2007. Thirteen regular episodes and a one-hour Christmas special will be taped in June, on site at Judie Byrd’s home and kitchen.

Judie’s fourth book, The Super Suppers Cookbook was released by Meredith Publishers in October 2006, and is in its second printing. Judie Byrd’s Kitchen Cookbook is in the making, along with The Super Suppers Cookbook Second Edition.

Judie Byrd’s Kitchen will be a lively and entertaining half-hour of quick and easy recipes, cooking tips and techniques. Judie’s goal is to inspire parents to make their homes the best place on earth.

The main point of the article is that Super Suppers once again seems to be branching out and bringing their ideas to TV as well as bringing out another cookbook. Truthfully, I don’t know if we really need another cookbook, but, the TV tie-in is pretty exciting to hear about. This could certainly bring the idea of meal assembly to a vast audience and re-kindle the interest in attending sessions.

The unfortunate thing here is that this little nugget of information hasn’t gotten nearly the level of play it deserves. Why hasn’t this been fed to all the PR sites that are out there? To me, this is a pretty big deal and something that should be getting a lot more coverage than it is. I ranted at length yesterday about this very thing and now here is the article about Super Suppers doing that very thing. How in the devil did I miss this? I have read thousands of meal assembly related articles over the past few months and haven’t come close to anything that even hints to this.

My first fear is that maybe this show isn’t going to come to fruition. I really hope it does. If it’s still on track Super Suppers really needs to get the word out. This is supposed to start in two months and it’s now even a whisper. I did find there is a quick mention of this on the Super Suppers web site, but you have to go the franchise information to find it. Maybe they are using it as a selling point, but I would have thought a front page piece more suitable.

But at any rate, I think this is a big deal. Super Suppers has been making some interesting inroads and relationships, so I find this jump to TV pretty exciting. This could be a whole new avenue for this kind of business. As I mentioned previously, this will surely strengthen their brand.

This is good news; I’m excited to see how this plays out.

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