At the end of the month, it’s 60 stores for sale

To finish up the little experiment I have been conducting for August, I noted that at least 60 meal assembly stores were listed for sale. There certainly could be more, there could be less. It’s not like millions were spent on research for this one. :)

To the best of my knowledge these are individual listings and not the same store over and over again. It does show that there are quite a few owners out there who want to move on to something else. And the stores included both franchises and independent stores.

It may be fair to say that although there are claims that the meal assembly industry is growing by 40 stores a month it’s also potentially shrinking by that same amount if not more.

Hopefully those who want to get into the industry will make arrangements to buy an existing store. It would certainly save a ton of money, get the store open and running within a day or two rather than the 6-9 months it normally takes and help someone out.

I hope the industry stabilizes a little bit here shortly and they build the brand rather than more stores.

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