Attack of the killer SPAM!

I think I’ve quashed the SPAM rebellion, at least for now. I found the name of the site that was blasting me and blocked the site. It was unbelievable; there was a new post about every 10 minutes. Over the last two days nearly 100 bogus comments got flagged by WordPress. No damage, just annoying. We’ll see how long this cease fire lasts between our peoples.

And of course the good news is I have resurrected my machine from the depths of damnation. It’s been a long road back reinstalling everything. I didn’t realize just how much stuff I have shoved into my machine! I’m beginning to see why it was running so slow in the first place. I really need to see if I’m actually using all this software. I think I might need to take a more minimalist approach. I mean do you really need anything more than a browser and Freecell? Well, Mahjongg of course…

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