Interesting relationship between things – Origins of the AAMAO?

This doesn’t really mean a whole lot, but it’s kind of interesting to note the relationships between certain things. I previously made a post about the America Association of Meal Assembly Owners, but that doesn’t actually come up as a site and you can see some remnants of it on Yahoo. Well, I went back and revisited that topic and put that name and site back into Yahoo. There was something about a site I found this morning that got me thinking – again this is usually where the trouble start much like the computer fiasco of days past.

If you look at you will notice at the very bottom a link to the site And as the site says you can buy a package on how to set up your own meal assembly business.

Well, doesn’t actually answer, but, if you go to you see the big banner right at the top for So it seems that DoItDinners not only wants to run their own meal assembly site they want to sell you one too.

What does this have to do with AAMAO? I’m glad you asked. If you find the cached Yahoo page you will find this (note the web address):

Welcome to Do it Dinners!
Select RESERVATIONS and choose a day and time you’d like to attend. … Don’t have time to attend a session? … Read our FAQ or See Pricing … – 9k

So it appears that DoItDinners wants/wanted to start a meal assembly association and laid out some of the groundwork. They have a store they can base their figures on, they are more than happy to sell you the materials you need to start your own and to top it all off, they want to start an association to collect dues and sell you even more things you need for your budding business.

Sounds vaguely familiar to another group out there doesn’t it???

I could be totally wrong, but it certainly makes for a good story… :)

Like said, I find the links between certain things to be interesting…

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One Response to “Interesting relationship between things – Origins of the AAMAO?”

  • Just saw this – only about 7 months too late – it’s not a good story at all!

    I do have Do It Dinners in Albuquerque and at one time about 4 years ago i thought it would be great fun to have an American Meal Prep Association that wasn’t connected to those folks in Colorado (BV and co) and I offered low rate plans to start your own independent along with recipes etc…. which a few brave souls took me up on.

    Alas, I just couldn’t do that and run my business and…..I just didn’t care enough honestly so it died a painless death on the internet except for a few forgotten links, which I have since removed – thanks!

    So, mystery solved….sorry it wasn’t more exciting….. Melanie

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