Public Enemy #1!

I’m not sure what I did to get on the naughty list, but the site has been under siege with bogus comments all day. About every 20 minutes another spam comment gets posted by some ‘bot’. WordPress seems to be catching them, but in case one happens to slip through I apologize in advance.

Should I take this as a sign that we’ve been become popular enough to spam? Or did someone enter the site address at one of those sites that’s on the wrong side of the tracks? :)

Or is this some plot to thwart my formation of the most powerful meal assembly association in the world??? :)

On side note I have been waging my own battle. After making one small update to Windows, I crashed the whole thing. Won’t boot, goes to a blue screen. Of course, I have experience in these matters and figured I would have things back up and running in no time. Well, that’s what I said last night anyway.

Using one of my other machines as a support vehicle, I spent the day installing and reinstalling and reinstalling again, trying to get this machine back up and running. It really wasn’t that big of a blunder so I didn’t understand why I couldn’t salvage the machine. I really thought I’d broken something and was getting ready to go in with paddles and screwdriver blazing!

Then it hit me. The thunderbolt. The light bulb. The epiphany.

I have two video cards in this system, which has been working fine for months. Well, just because it works with Windows running, doesn’t mean you can install it that way. So after wasting an entire day and hacking away at everything but the real problem, I removed the second video card and fixed the machine. It took me almost 24 hours to accomplish 40 minutes worth of work… Oh well, at least Windows is fast again!

But make no mistake, tomorrow, that card is going back in!

Damnable computers…

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