Own Suzanne’s Kitchen!

Althought it never quite got off the ground, there was a lot of talk about Suzanne’s Kitchen. Sommers was the really the first celeb to put her name and buying power behind this industry. When I first heard about her entry into the market I really expected it was going to “shake things up a bit”. But alas, the best laid plans and all that.

But now the store in Lexington, Kentucky is up for sale. There were plans to reopen the store, but it would seems that will not come to pass.

It looks like they were prepared to do some pretty heft business. It looks like a walk in freezer and refrigerator at the ready in the back of the store.

No, I’m not trying to help Suzanne sell the store. I think “Chrissy” has put a few coins together and will scrape by without my intervention. I was more interested in the interior shots you can see in this ad.

And also, this was just one of about a dozen meal assembly stores listed for sale on various websites…


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