I really have to protest

Maybe it’s not my place, but if you’re a meal assembly store owner, is it really a wise idea to promote it on MySpace? I have seen a couple of blogs out there for different stores which look professional and have a similar look and feel as their main web sites, but they certainly weren’t on MySpace.

I wouldn’t exactly say MySpace is the platform for launching a business of this sort. It could just be me, but I don’t see the meal assembly customer as the MySpace kind of user. The typical meal assembly customer cringes when they heard that word!

I have my own opinions about MySpace and the type of content they have been infamous for. I just don’t see this as the way to spread the word about your store. There are plenty of other free blog sites which would be much better suited to interact with your customers.

Talk about a role reversal, do you really want your customers wading through pictures of teenagers showing off what they’ve been doing for the summer when no one is looking? Not to mention all the banner ads, horrible templates and general juvenile nature of MySpace.

Do yourself a favor, find another place to promote your store. Perhaps something a little more upscale…

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