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As meal prep booms, a shakeout looms

As meal prep booms, a shakeout looms

“People are starving each other out,” says an Oldsmar entrepreneur. Nationwide, average store revenues leave little after rent and expenses.

An older article that actually seems to get it right.

The Meal Blogger


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Cooking in bulk saves batches of time

Cooking in bulk saves batches of time

Video: Andrea Petritz gives a tour of her Super Suppers business in Murrieta

At the home of nutritionist and cookbook author Leanne Ely, the night’s dinner entrée – pork tenderloin with vegetables – was made months ago.

For Riverside mom Misty Boehmer, her favorite marinated shish kabobs were tucked into a zippered plastic bag weeks before and stashed in her freezer for a quick weeknight meal.

And when Rich Gregg’s wife is away visiting her sister, he’ll enjoy some of her Creole-style black-eyed peas and corn, in the freezer and waiting to be reheated.

The three families are onto something big: cooking en masse to stock a freezer with a stash of nutritious homemade meals.

“This is not really new. Your mom did it, my mother did it. We called it leftovers,” said Gregg, whose wife Sue authored “Meals in Minutes” for freezer meals.

Though the concept isn’t new, it is enjoying renewed popularity among contemporary cooks. A host of meal-preparation businesses have sprung up and numerous Web sites are devoted to the topic – variously called once-a-month, freezer, batch and bulk cooking.

“People … want to take more control of what they feed their families,” said Linda Larsen, author of “Everything Meals for a Month” and the Busy Cooks expert on “This kind of cooking really frees you up to turn your freezer into your own fast food place.”

Larsen started “feeding” her freezer about six years ago as a way to save time and money by buying in bulk.

Traditionally, the method involves a one-day cooking blitz. But increasingly, people are doubling or tripling recipes they’re making that night and putting the extras in the freezer.

“It is labor intensive, but the more you do it, the better you get at it,” said Larsen, who recommends breaking up the work into multiple days.

Meal Assembly – The Next Big Thing in Food Franchises

Meal Assembly – The Next Big Thing in Food Franchises

We Americans are a busy bunch. On average, we can only manage to find time for a home cooked meal two or three times a week. Fifty years ago, the solution was frozen dinners. Then fast food franchises took over. Today, there is a new alternative for time-starved people who crave wholesome meals at home. It’s the hot new concept known as meal assembly.

The first meal assembly franchise was the brainchild of Stephanie Allen, founder and CEO of Dream Dinners. “Customers come into our stores once a month and make their own dinners,” Allen explains. “They choose 12 recipes, make a reservation for a time they’d like to come in, and we have all their ingredients ready and prepped for them. As they assemble their meals, we seal and label them with cooking instructions. In less than two hours they make 12 full size family dinners that they can take home, freeze, and cook whenever they want. These are dinners they’ve made themselves so they feel good about serving them. The meals are healthy and they know what’s in them.” “

The Meal Blogger


Meal Assembly Competition on NBC

Not too long ago, NBC did a segment to compare a few of the meal assembly franchises. Let’s Dish and Dream Dinners are featured in this one. Both stores came on to prepare dishes that represented great flavor, easy to assemble and affordable.

After the meals were prepared the hosts of the show tried the dishes and gave their opinions.

You can read the article and see the video of the food being prepared here:

A complimentary article can be found here:

Super Suppers and Martha Stewart

Super Suppers, a leading meal-assembly company, is teaming up on recipe development with Everyday Food magazine, published by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Another example of Super Suppers forming alliances within the industry to help spread the word on it’s product.

A new trend is definately developing. If franchises can maintain a stable growth pattern, many vendors will see this a great opportunity to get their name into many new homes and markets.

Read the full article here:

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