Super Suppers is neat twist on homemade meal

From the Macon Telegraph

The thing that caught my eye was this

“Another stroke of genius is the monthly preview. The one I just attended was sold out. For $5 per person, you get to try out the items that are available that month for assemblage. We were treated to Asian chicken and veggie wraps, Baja burritos, baked cheesy ham and potatoes, chicken and pesto braided bread (very fun to make), orange tarragon-glazed chicken with herbed noodles, and rosemary balsamic London broil, among others. By attending the preview, we got a special deal that knocked another $15 off the total price.”

So now the store are charging people to come in and sample the meals. I have to say I hadn’t noticed this happening before. We’ll I guess it beats just giving the food away.

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3 Responses to “Super Suppers is neat twist on homemade meal”

  • Former Franchise Owner:

    As a former meal assembly franchise owner/operator, here are my comments on this topic. We hosted several free tasting events at the store. What I found was that people would sign up and then not show up. If they bothered to tell you that they weren’t coming, they’d call that day. So, I’d be fully staffed and have all this food and maybe a handful of people would show up. I think the theory behind charging people is that they’re more committed to following through if they have a vested interest (albeit a minimal one). It’s a psychological thing.

  • mealblogger:

    A perfectly valid reason for doing it that way.

    The Meal Blogger

  • Tuckerbox:

    I would have to agree, this happens all too often. If there is no commitment from the customer (meaning paying for the food ahead of time) there is a far greater chance of the order being cancelled. And as stated, this seems to happen the day the customer is supposed to come in.

    So many customers ask why they’re being charged when their session is days or weeks away. We tried to explain that the food still needs to be purchased and this is assuring their place in line. We tried to explain it’s the same way airline tickets and concert tickets work.

    Although I do have to agree, it’s a psychological thing. It makes the customer have a vested interest in actually showing up.

    I think the same can be said for the “sampling parties.” Everyone claims they can get “all their friends” to show up, but since no one has to actually invest anything to make that event work, they usually fall flat and everything gets canceled.

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